Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards} – Voting Pt. 1 (+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!)

Hello everyone!

The Best of 2017 survey has closed and so it is time to vote on your favorites from the nominations! (If you don’t know what Best of 2017 is, see my last post HERE.) I got 52 results on my survey, although it was probably more like 48 because a few of them were blank. Wow. Thank you guys so much! I didn’t expect to get much over twenty total, but I got about 25 responses just in the first day!

First, I’m going to explain a few more things.

1). There is an “other” section at the bottom. If you really think something would be good for that category that is not listed, you may put that blog or blog post’s URL in the box, but I suggest choosing from the already listed nominations.

2). In just about every category a post, blogger, or blog has been nominated more than once. I mention how many times it’s been nominated (unless it’s just been nominated once) and I’ll add 5 bonus “votes” for every nomination after the first one. There is one place where this is going to be different, and that’s if I’ve been nominated for something more than once. Then I’m just going to add 3 bonus “votes”, because I realize that everyone who voted has seen my blog at least once since I’m the one doing this. (Hopefully that made some sense to you.)

3). Please don’t vote for yourself.

4). There were a few things that had incorrect links, or links that weren’t specific enough, so sadly I had to leave those out. Sorry!

6). I’ve numbered the nominations, thus making it way easier for me to do the polls.

7). I’m just doing the first 12 categories today because 500 links in one day is a little much.

8). I think the polls will work a lot better on my blog vs. the WordPress reader.

9). LET THE VOTING BEGIN! 🙂 You have until December 27th. (So get it done by the 26th.)

Category 1: Camera Master of the Blogosphere (best photographer)

  1. Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 9 times)
  2. Bea @ Bea Free
  3. Clara @ Clara and Co. (Nominated 6 times)
  4. Tabi Bear @ Busy Bee
  5. Maddy @ Maddy’s Digital Diary (Nominated 3 times)
  6. Brooke Jade @ It’s Brooke Jade
  7. Megan @ A Barefoot Gal
  8. Dara @ Small Dolls in a Big World
  9. Hayley @ Flourishing by Restful Falls (Nominated 2 times)
  10. Incomplete Thinker @ Incomplete Thinking

Category 2: Funniest Blogger

  1. Anna @ Diversion3000
  2. Julia @ The Barefoot Gal(Nominated 2 times)
  3. Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  4. Laura @ Lula Boo
  5. smugedthoughts @ Smuged Thoughts
  6. Samantha @ Red Head With a Book (Nominated 4 times)
  7. Jaclynn @ Little Miss Fluffet
  8. Daisy @ Caught Daydreaming
  9. Sarah @ The Introverted Extrovert
  10. Starling @ Starling
  11. May @ Forever and Everly (Nominated 2 times)
  12. Bekah @ Questionable Tortoise Couture
  13. Madi @ Madi Grace
  14. Kellyn @ Reveries
  15. Megan @ A Barefoot Gal
  16. Amalee @ Just a Small Town Girl
  17. Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Category #3: Best New Blog

  1. Dancing Among the Stars
  2. February Fairy (Nominated 2 times)
  3. Incomplete Thinking (Nominated 2 times)
  4. Charis Rae (Nominated 4 times)
  5. On the Wings of a Dream
  6. Lula Boo
  7. Madi Grace (Nominated 3 times)
  8. Design Pique Studios
  9. Forever and Everly
  10. Alternate Galaxy
  12. Little Miss Wizzy
  13. Through the Eyes of Gracie
  14. Kaths Story
  15. Aspiring To Be
  16. Learning to Live : Struggling to Thrive
  17. Zoelogist
  18. Crazy A

Category #6: Coziest (i.e. sweet and/or cute) Blog Design

  1. A Barefoot Gal (Nominated 2 times)
  2. Clara and Co. (Nominated 6 times)
  3. Busy Bee
  4. Red Head With a Book (Nominated 2 times)
  5. Lula Boo (Nominated 3 times)
  6. Caught Daydreaming
  7. AG Doll Awesome
  8. Elsie LMC
  9. Reflections of the Heart
  10. Acoustic Erin
  11. Tea with Tumnus
  12. Flourishing by Restful Falls
  13. A Homeschooling Life
  14. The Book Ranter

Category #7: Most Unique Blog Design

  1. ~ stories while you wait ~
  2. My Pen and I
  3. Tisty’s Tales
  4. Born Free (Nominated 2 times)
  5. A Farm Girl’s Life
  6. Clara and Co.
  7. The Youngest Perks
  8. A Barefoot Gal
  9. Typically Untypical Teen
  10. Perspective of a Writer
  11. Amberoli
  12. Rosinalee
  13. Story and Dark Chocolate
  14. Starling
  15. A Whisper of Ink

Category #8: Best About Page

  1. Rutvi’s @ Capturing and Creating
  2. Megan’s @ A Barefoot Gal (Nominated 6 times)
  3. Clara’s @ Clara and Co. (Nominated 3 times)
  4. Samantha’s @ Red Head With a Book
  5. Kathryn’s @ In the Depths of Dreams
  6. Samantha’s @ AG Doll Awesome
  7. Abbiee @ Abbiee
  8. Saanvi’s @ A Notebook, One Pen, and Me
  9. Enni’s @ On the Wings of a Dream
  10. Rebecca’s @ Joy Unspeakable
  11. Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate
  12. Charis @ Charis Rae (Nominated 3 times)
  13. Zielle’s @ My Homeschool Notebook
  14. Bernie’s @ A Bounce in Your Step
  15. Madi’s @ Madi Grace
  16. Aria’s @ Aria Photo
  17. Madie’s @ mandiesworld
  18. Ilsa’s @ A Whisper of Ink

Category #9: Best Contest/Challenge

  1. Bloggers’ Secret Santa 2017 @ All The Trinkets
  2. BIBPC #5 @ A Barefoot Gal (Nominated 4 times)
  3. // creating worlds writing camp 2017 // @ Let’s Be Lost (Nominated 2 times)
  4. Cameras and Pens Challenge @ {Peeking Through a Kaleidoscope} (Nominated 2 times)
  5. December Photography Challenge @ Through the Eyes of Gracie
  6. Dolls N’ All Rewards! @ Dolls N’ All

Category #10: Best Giveaway

  1. 3,000 Followers GIVEAWAY! @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 5 times)
  2. 50 followers + Giveaway! @ Crafts of All Seasons
  3. Giveaway: Free American Girl Create-Your-Own Doll @ Delightful World of Dolls (Nominated 11 times)
  4. Book 2 Celebration Giveaway! @ the goodness revolt (Nominated 2 times)
  6. Giveaway!!! @ katiescottagebooks

Category #11: Best Short Story

  1. for the ones with scrapbooks in their minds @ Stars and Stories (Nominated 2 times)
  2. young ones @ Stars and Stories
  3. hands | eyes  @ Stars and Stories
  4. Beauty from Ashes @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  5. color @ Stars and Stories
  6. The Worst Day @ Red Head With a Book
  7. My Sister, the Writer @ ~stories while you wait~
  8. The Leaves that Linger @ ~stories while you wait~
  9. CPC #6 @ Typically Untypical Teen
  10. Watch — Part One @ Ups and Downs
  11. STAY @ Totally Graced
  12. Beyond the Looking Glass @ A Farm Girl’s Life
  13. The Reluctant Reader @ Crazy A
  14. {remember} @ Clara and Co.
  15. Beauty from Ashes @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Category #12: Best Poem/ Best Poem Post

  1. More Poems @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 3 times)
  2. // november memoir // @ Let’s Be Lost
  3. backspacing @ Stars and Stories
  4. Poised on the Road @ Incomplete Thinking
  5. Runner Up In A Poetry Competition!?!? + My Winning Entry @ A Light in the Darkness (Nominated 2 times)
  6. Poems @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 2 times)
  7. Two Acrostic Poems for Winter @ Poe in my Pocket
  8. « untitled » @ Alternate Universe
  9. they are singing – a poem @ Elly Lily
  10. // friends can break your heart, too // @ Let’s Be Lost
  11. Alone. -winning submission in contest  @ Note to my Sanity
  12. what has happened to being genuine and real??? // HOW I STRIVE TO SHOW PERSPECTIVE  @ the barefoot gal
  13. Guess What? Another CWWC! @ Daythinker Nightdreamer
  14. STAY @ Totally Graced

PHEW. Wow, I am so glad I didn’t do it all today. It took me hours as it was! Anyway, I hope you have fun voting!

Onto the second part of the post…



bday card for clara.jpg
Basset hound, violin, and camera from Freepik.


Happy, happy birthday, Clara! I hope you have (or have had) an amazing day today! I’m so glad we know each other through blogging and that we’re pen pals! You are amazing at art, photography, writing, photography, graphic design, photography, letter-writing (:P), photography, and not to mention you’re one of the nicest bloggers I know! Any of your comments on any post I see are so sweet and your feedback on anything I show you is always helpful and amazing. 🙂 I hope your year is full of adorable basset hounds, spectacular photography opportunities, amazing books, magnificent travels, and hopefully a stupendous new NEEDTOBREATHE album (XD).

Wow, the thesaurus was helpful with that list.

Go to Clara’s blog (Clara and Co.) and wish her a happy birthday if you haven’t already! 🙂

Okay, that really was the last link. GOODBYE!

which poll was the hardest to decide on?

do you like wombats?

megan sign-off 2 christmas

87 thoughts on “Best of 2017 {Blogging Awards} – Voting Pt. 1 (+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!)

  1. Yes, Megan. I think wombats are exquisite. 😅 Good question.😀

    Okay. Props to you for doing that incredibly well done (and long😉) post. Girl, I don’t have the patience to do that!😝
    Oh, I don’t know who nominated me, but thank you!



  2. Pingback: Oh MY!
  3. Hey, did you get my voting thing? I did the initial survey, but I didn’t see any of the people I voted for in the categories? If I put them in too late or didn’t have the right links, that’s fine…I was just wondering! I voted for most of the categories! But there are a LOT!
    The main one I was thinking about was Typically Untypical Teen for the newest blog category… I didn’t see it on there, and I know I put it.. That’s fine if you didn’t get it, I may have not clicked submit or something…
    either way, thanks for doing this! It’s super fun! I saw that one of my posts from Bursts of Inspiration was on the second Voting thing! Whoever did that was super sweet!


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