Photoshoot with Basil

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I did a post completely about bunnies, so a few days ago I let Basil romp about in our yard while I took some pictures of her. I got about 150 photos, but almost half of them were a white blur. XD I picked fortyish of my favorites to show you.

Basil is almost always hungry. She’s attempted to eat my coat or shirt several times.

I love her ears!

Here her ears are both straight up for some reason. I hope they always normally stay one up and one down.

There she goes!

No Basil! That ear needs to go down. XD

She looks most unamused in that picture.

Truck photobomb.

She’s so CUTE! I love it when she stands up.

Basil! The ears!

Bunny on the run.

I like taking pictures of the back of her ears.

Basil was running around and then she turned around and ran straight up me and onto my shoulder (I was sitting down).

Basil and her huge foot.

And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot!

do you like basil’s ears one up and one down? 

which of basil’s “poses” were your favorite?


109 thoughts on “Photoshoot with Basil

  1. AHH! Basil is so adorable! She looks so cute I just wanna squish her! I think that I’m going to go fly to your house and steal her in the depths of night.


      1. I know…aw!! WATCH ME. *prepares magical bunny catcher* also, I just got your letter! The envelope is so cute!


      2. Hmm…I think I have the perfect plan for stealing Basil! BECAUSE I MUST HAVE HER. HER CUTENESS IS TOO MUCH.


  2. Awe! Basil is SO adorable!! Wonderful photos, Megan. You’re so talented! I have to say, I think the truck photo-bomb is my favorite. 😃



  3. Megan, these pictures are great! They’re so sharp, and I love the lighting! And of course, Basil is so cute. 😉 I really like the second picture, because the blue sky in the background is really cool. Also, the ones of Basil hopping around are really funny. 😀 Also, yes, Basil looks to adorable when one ear is up and one is down.


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