The Winners of BIBPC #5

This is the last post for BIBPC #5. I’m rather relieved it’s over. I like doing it, but it gets harder towards the end to remember to keep up with posting it on time. And I’ll be glad to spend more time on “normal” posts now.

Without further ado, I present you the points from the last round!

If there’s a P in front of your name then I got the poster you made.

If your name is in italic then I didn’t get your photo for category #7 and if there’s a little + sign next to you name then I got your bonus picture(s) for category #6. 

team coconut bibpc


P- CutePolarBear +

P- Sassafras +





Hannah +

P- Daisymermaid +

Points this round: 133

team watermelon bibpc

P- Clara +







P- Olivia +



Points this round: 82

team kiwi bibpc

P- Addylover (AKA Laura – check out her new [or at least now-public] blog!)

P- light4thelord +

P- Carol +

P- rebcake +

P- Gracie+


P- K.A.+



Points this round: 149

Wow, good job Kiwi!

team pineapple bibpc

P- apurposeofwingeddogs

Charis Rae 



P- Sarah


P- Mukta


P- Mirra

P- Anya 

Points this round: 115

Now for my favorite photo which was by Clara!

So cute! 🙂

My favorite poster was by Sarah from Team Pineapple. It’s so gorgeous!

Now that you’ve seen the points, it’s time for the winners and posters to be revealed! You can put your team’s poster/button/thing on your sidebar if you’d like. 😉

watermelon poster

Total Points: 643

coconut poster

Total Points: 711

pineapple poster

Total Points: 722

kiwi poster

Total Points: 739

Congratulations Kiwis! And all the other teams! I especially wanted to give a shout out to Sassafras and CutePolarBear. Even though Coconut struggled some in the beginning, they entered photos for every single category and bonus photos for every category since I started doing bonus photos. Good job guys! 🙂

Wow. I guess that’s all! Thank you everyone so much for entering BIBPC #5! I loved seeing all of your photos.

Ta ta for now!

megan signoff

**Watercolor backgrounds from Design Love Fest**

**Watercolor fruit (except the pineapple) created by Natalka_dmitrova –**

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