Fairly Hard Decisions

Like my pun? Heh heh. 

Our county fair is coming up in a few weeks and I’m having a hard time deciding what to enter in the photography section. I actually haven’t taken that many great pictures in the last year, but I still like entering. I’m going to post a few of my top picks and see if you can help me narrow the choices down at least a little bit.

Decision #1: People Category “A posed or candid photo of a person.”

People Entry #1
People Entry #2

People Entry #4
People Entry #5
People Entry #6
People Entry #7
People Entry #8
A few of these I don’t like very much, but I just wanted to make sure no one else did. 🙂

Vote below.

Decision #2: Pets “Your best shot of your companion animals.”

Pets Entry #1
Pets Entry #2
Pets Entry #3
Pets Entry #4

Puts Entry #5

Also, if you really liked a photo I’ve posted before that isn’t in this post, you can tell me in the comments and I’ll see if I’d like to add it.

Vote below.

Decision #3: Wildlife “Wildlife in a natural habitat or zoo”

Wildlife Entry #1
Wildlife Entry #2
Wildlife Entry #3
Wildlife Entry #4
Wildlife Entry #5

You may see some photos in some categories overlap. I can’t do the same photo in different categories when I’m entering in the fair, but sometimes I can’t decide which category to enter it in, so I’ll do both in the post.

Vote below.

Decision #5: Rural R* “A photo that defines our county”

Rural R2
Rural R* Entry #1
Rural R
Rural R* Entry #2
*The R stands for the name of our county. 😉

Vote below.

Decision #6: Architecture “A structure, such as a building or bridge that is the focal point”

Architecture Entry #1
Architecture Entry #2
These two are the same picture, but I couldn’t decide if I should do it in black and white or not.

Vote below.

Decision #7: Close-up “An object photographed at very close range, with the subject clearly defined and recognizable”

Close-up Entry #1
Close-up Entry #2
Close-up Entry #3
Close-up Entry #4
Close-up Entry #5
close-up2 (2)
Close-up Entry #6
Megan (Daffodils, guitar, bunnies, trail, bubble) 079.JPG
Close-up Entry #7
Again, if you remember you liked a photo that I took and it isn’t here, comment away! 😛

Vote below.

Decision #8: Pictorial “A photo that conveys a feeling or an emotion.”


Do you think this would work for pictorial? :/

Vote below.


Now all that remain are the categories where I only have one photo. I’m not sure if these would really count or not, but I might give them a shot.

Action “The focal point is a moving object.”

Assateague (19).JPG

Yeah… the focal point is my feet and they aren’t moving objects. 😛 It’s a pretty big stretch. What do you think?

Humorous “An amusing or humorous moment caught in the image.”


Do you find this amusing or not? I won’t explain to you what’s happening, because I can’t explain to the judges.

Abstract “Contains a design of patterns or shapes where the subject matter is not evident.”

silo tunnel Is this pretty obvious or not?

Artistic “A photo that has been altered using digital editing software or post printing.”


I combined three images into one in this photo.

And that’s all I have in the photo category! I’m also probably going to enter some inchworms, maybe a graphic design piece, and an elephant I sewed.

what is your favorite of all of my photos? 

do you think any of the last four photos would work?

megan signoff

65 thoughts on “Fairly Hard Decisions

  1. I voted on them all! I hope that helps, all of your photography was beautiful! I do think the last 3 will work great for their categories, but the waves and feet one I’m not so sure… I’ve been thinking about what I should enter into our fair! When is your’s? Our’s is August 16 through something… I need to get to work, haha! I hope you do so great and I can’t wait for the post you do about it! 😀


  2. Those all look really good! As for the last four, I thought the waves could be the focal point… maybe-kinda-sorta? The humorous one to me is okay… the horses are investigating the backpacks and stuff, right? I think the third photo is the side of a silo, and the fourth one is AMAZING!

    Liked by 1 person

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