Basil the Bunny {Three Weeks Old}

The baby bunnies have grown much in size and in fluff over the past couple weeks. They’ve also gotten a lot more curious. And we’ve named them all! The black one is Mulberry (named by Carmen), the white and black one is Herbert Nininger (named by Jeff), the brown and white one is Ginger (named by Allison), and mine is Basil.

Today I’m just going to be doing pictures of Basil (and one of Mulberry, who got into a picture) but later I’ll post some more of all of the baby bunnies. 🙂

Baby bunnies make just about anything better. (Even math! Shocking.)

basil baby bunny 4

basil baby bunny 3basil baby bunny 2

She can hardly fit in my hand now!

basil baby bunny 5

basil baby bunny 7basil baby bunny 9basil baby bunny 6basil baby bunny 7basil baby bunny 8basil baby bunny 12basil baby bunny 11

basil baby bunny 1basil baby bunny 13

Bunny ears!

Basil has been trying to eat lots of things. Some of them include…

  • My jeans
  • A book
  • My bed
  • A desk
  • My camera
  • A teddy bear
  • Puff the Magic Fern (that’s what we named a rather fluffy fern that’s in our room)
  • My friend
  • Our house

But overall, she’s a very great rabbit. I hope her ears lop soon! Clemmie would be most pleased if she does have lop ears. 😛

do you want a baby bunny yet?

do you like math?

megan signoff

81 thoughts on “Basil the Bunny {Three Weeks Old}

  1. They are so adorable! When I read Herbert Nininger I immediately recognized the name. Is it form Curious George on PBS?

    ~ Pip


  2. OH MY GOODNESS. THE ADORABLE FLUFF IS REAL. Ugh, I’ve still been trying to get my mom to let me adopt a bunny, but she’s adamantly opposed to fluffy animals, so yeah . . . no bunny at all for me. :”'( But OH MY GOSHHHHH BASIL IS SUCH A WITTLE CUTIE *squishes the fluff*

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  3. Aww, she’s so cute and fluffy and just adorable! I don’t really want to have an animal, baby bunny or otherwise, but if I did want an animal I might like a bunny. 🙂
    And no, I don’t really like math. 😛
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  4. I want a baby bunny!! Basil is too cute, and all the things that she’s trying to eat is so funny. Eh, it depends what kind of math. 😛

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      1. I’d love too!! I don’t like any kind of math when I’m in a bad mood, but I NEVER like fractions. The only math I like generally are like easy stuff.


  5. AWW SOOO CUTE. I am trying to convince my parents that a bunny would be a good decision for our household, but I don’t think they were brainwashed by the adorable baby bunny pictures I showed them online though.

    Wait do you do teaching textbooks? I did that for math this year and I believe I am doing it next year too.


    BUNNY UPDATES 4 MEEEEEE EEK (*glares at person who is reading this other than Megan* Inside joke!)
    They are just so precious, I can’t get over their adorable-awesome-cute-wow-ness. AWWWW.
    Math? They seriously do your MATH? Megan, I request an order of one (1) math whiz, please – I expect it to be delivered in the next 2-3 weeks, good? Okay?? *glares* I don’t care how many pairs of jeans I lose, JUST GIMME A FLUFFBALLL. XD
    -Sara ❤

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    1. YES INDEED! (Oh, another BU4Y, she’s four weeks old now and starting to eat real food!)
      I know, bunnies are the best!
      Well, they don’t quite do all of it, but the certainly help. 😛
      One fluffball/mathwhiz bunny coming right up!

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        No clue? Nonsense – as you have said once before to me, but Google isss better, and this is actually nonsense. XD


  7. We have a rabbit, Leona. She had bunnies but unfortunately none of them made it because of the cold. And no, math is not my favorite 😛

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