The Diary of Clementine – Entry #13

Time for another diary entry by my Holland Lop, Clementine! I hope you enjoy this month’s entry. 🙂

I’M BACK! I hope you’ve been surviving Megan’s other posts. I’m sure they are absolutely horrendous compared to mine. I hope you all have been bored to death yet. Anyway, I shall proceed.

It has been months since someone suggested that I get bunny sunglasses and Megan still hasn’t gotten any for me. Maybe for my birthday.


MY BIRTHDAY WAS ON MAY THE 3rd! I AM NOW 2 YEARS OLD! I demand bunny sunglasses as my birthday gift!

Anyway, even if I can convince Megan to buy some, it will be a little while until they get here so I’ll have to move on with my post. I’ll go back a month when Megan took me out to the trampoline to do her school work.


I escaped from her grasp quickly, however, and went to the edge of the trampoline farthest away from Megan.

crummy 2crummy 3

Megan continues to call me “Crum” and “Nugget” but she hasn’t thought of many other nicknames. She sometimes calls us “rabbitses” though. What atrocious grammar!

crummy 4

When she got done with her school she let me run about in the yard a bit. As I mentioned in my last entry, running away from Megan happens to be my favorite sport, so I was thrilled when she let me off the trampoline and into the yard. When she lagged behind I would clean myself. It’s not fun to run away from someone if they aren’t chasing you.

crummy 5

She also took Lily out to the trampoline once. Lily didn’t enjoy it that much though.


She looks like a glum and desperately annoyed moose in this photo.

lily 2

See the resemblance? Megan did not take that picture, by the way.

Megan finally got some decent pictures of Snickers. He’s quite adorable, but that’s not too impressive since he is a Holland Lop. A common characteristic of lops is to be amazingly cute.


I think either the picture above or the picture below is the cutest.

snickers 2

snickers 3

snickers 4

Snickers was enjoying some of the new grass. Lots of things are growing now. Megan is quite happy that the trees have leaves on now, and I am too, because that means the willow tree outside our hutch has leaves on.


Megan gave us a willow branch a few days ago. The larger bunnies quickly swooped down, taking the delicious leaves for themselves while blocking me from the feast.

Look at my face! I was heartbroken. It makes me cry to think of it.

bunnies (6)

And now a photo of the bullies doing their horrible deed and blocking me (and only me) from my fair share of willow-ness.

bunnies (4)

Ahem, Clemmie. I see that Willow isn’t there either.

Well of course not! Willow doesn’t deserve greens. Plus it’s downright cannibalism when she does eat willow branches.

But what about this picture? I see a small lop munching merrily away. And no one seems disturbed that Willow’s eating willow branches either.

bunnies (7)

Megan! You interrupt me so much. And you even put a picture in my own post! I did not give you that permission, young lady. *tsk tsk*

Anyway, here’s a picture of Willow. Hehehe.


CLEMENTINE! That’s mean!

What? It’s a perfectly fine picture. Red’s a nice color, anyway.

It looks like a mugshot. Perhaps you could find a cuter one?

Okay. Here’s one, are you satisfied with it?


No, it’s still a bad picture.

Well I’m pretty sure I didn’t take that picture. I wonder who did… *COUGH COUGH* But since you are so picky, I’ll do one last one.  


I guess that’ll have to do. You really aren’t nice to Willow though.

Whatever. Enough of this arguing. I’ll now move onto Diamond and Olaf. They still continue to be best buds and have formed their own secret (but lame, might I add) society of “Superior Rabbits” called Pepper and Salt Forever. LAME.

bunnies (1)

All they do in their society is plot ways to “improve the rabbit cage” and their plans always make everything a little worse for the other rabbits. I think it’s hilarious that they think they are superior to me. It is quite clear that I am the most superior rabbit. Actually, I’m the most superior animal in the whole family Leporidae! Probably the most superior mammal in the whole world!

Have you ever seen a blue whale or an elephant or even a horse?

No, but I’m pretty sure you made those animals up. Anyway, I think you have talked far too much already, so I would appreciate it greatly if you keep all further comments to yourself. Although I suppose I’m out of things to talk about. I shall leave you with a picture thing of how cool I’ll be with sunglasses.

cool clem collage.jpg

I hope you enjoyed Clementine’s diary entry! I had fun making the graphic above. Maybe I will get her some real sunglasses…

do you think Crummy should get sunglasses?

what’s your favorite thing about Nugget’s diary entries?

megan signoff

49 thoughts on “The Diary of Clementine – Entry #13

  1. Aaah!!! Too adorable!!!! Where can I find more of these!!! I love the sideshot of Snicker’s head!!! That’s so pretty!!


  2. HAHA! Clemmie, you are so cute– Uh, I mean, Uh… amazing? Stunning?
    Fun post! I thought that “Pepper and Salt Forever” was really funny, and “No, but I’m pretty sure you made those animals up” was, too. Haha!
    I think the graphic looks like pop art! It’s neat!


    1. Hehe! Don’t worry, she knows that rabbits are supposed to be cute. But she appreciates the ‘amazing’ and ‘stunning’ too.
      Thanks Gracie! I love writing Clemmie’s posts. 🙂
      Yeah, that’s kinda what I was going for. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a cute post! My family is going to TN tomorrow to get a Holland lop from a breeder. It’s a baby but it actually looks a lot like Clementine by what I’ve seen in pictures.


  4. AHH, these are always my favorite posts that you do, Megan!!! Clemmie is the cutest little bunny! My favorite part is always her funny comments and jokes and her arguing with you, LOL! You should totally get her some sunglasses, it would be so cool!
    Happy Birthday to Clemmie!!! 😀


    1. Thank you so much! I really love it when my readers like my posts. 🙂
      Hehe! I like writing those parts too.
      I’ve been looking for the perfect sunglasses on Amazon. Most of them are pink though. :/


  5. LOL! This post was really funny! 😀 Especially about Lily looking like a moose(although that wasn’t very nice, Clemmie….) and about the cannibalism. XD
    Also, those pictures of Clementine and Snickers are absolutely adorable!!! ❤
    As for sunglasses, I'm not sure….would she like them? It might be funny. 😉
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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