Fishing Trip

A few weeks ago our parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle went to a wedding, so our cousins and us decided to have a ‘rejection party’ and go fishing at our (great) uncle’s pond down the road. It was quite fun!

When we first got there we went kayaking. Our uncle had two kayaks which we used. We had a kayaking tournament but I’m not sure if we ever finished it, because I don’t recall there being a winner.

fishing (3)

There’s a piano on the dock which my cousin is attempting to play. Half of it’s keys didn’t work though.

fishing (4)

My brother is in the canoe in front of my kayak.

fishing (5)

We had brought some a lot of food, so after we kayaked we got out our food and had a mid-afternoon picnic that consisted of a lot of random foods we had brought.

fishing (8)

fishing (9).JPG

When we were done eating, we started to fish. We had kind of fished on and off between kayaking but didn’t catch anything, so now we settled down and fished for real. : )

fishing (6)

Worms are the best bait. Fake bait never works for the fish in our uncle’s pond, and bread gets soggy and falls off. My siblings and I had collected a bunch of worms a few hours before our fishing trip and we had plenty.

fishing (7).JPG

I found a good spot along the bank of the pond where I didn’t even have to cast. I just stuck out my pole when I saw a fish, let the worm wiggle around in the water, and soon I’d get one! I caught three there in about fifteen minutes.

fishing (10)

(Sorry for the blurriness. Mr. Fish wasn’t interested in being photographed, he just wanted to get off my line.) I think this is a sunfish.

We caught about fifteen fish during our rejection party, but a bunch of them were small bass that we had to toss back. I think we kept nine of them.

Our prize fish was a fish that our uncle identified as a crappie. We’ve gone fishing at our uncle’s pond a lot, but we’ve never caught one of them. (My brother caught it.)


***That picture and the one below were taken by my sister Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life. She’s a great photographer – go check out her blog!***

Here is inside the mouth of one of the small bass that Allison caught. Looks pretty friendly, doesn’t it?


When we were done fishing we cleaned the fish. I found out that it is quite fun to scale fish. It’s kind of satisfying – like rubbing your hand over one of those sequin pillows.

fishing (1)

Our fishing trip ended with a pretty sunset. We brought our cleaned fish up to our grandparents who live within walking distance of our house. Next Sunday we might have fish for Sunday lunch!

fishing (2).JPG

have you ever gone fishing? do you like it?

have you gone kayaking?

megan signoff

44 thoughts on “Fishing Trip

  1. I’ve never gone fishing but I definitely have gone kayaking. I was surprised by how much energy it requires to move anywhere on the water! I also really enjoyed your photos. It made me feel like I was on this trip.


  2. That was soooo much fun! Actually I think Logan won the kayak competition… or maybe he just won against me but didn’t race the others after all… Hmm. XD I love fishing!


  3. How fun! That looked like so much fun! How come you didn’t go to the wedding? 😉 Yes, I’ve been fishing, it’s pretty fun but gets kinda boring to me, LOL! I’ve never gone kayaking or canoeing for that matter, but maybe some time I will!! Those were great photos, especially the one of the inside of the fishes mouth! Creepy! 😀


  4. That is so cool! The second to last time I went fishing with my family was years ago. I spent most of the time sliding down the hill on a flattened cardboard box! XD The last time I went was with my Dad. We spent most of the time untangling the line – we didn’t catch anything. 😛 I went kayaking with my Girls Brigade. it was so fun! In the end we tried to capsize our canoe but it wouldn’t work so we just jumped in the water for a little swim. XD
    Great post and pictures! 🙂


  5. That looks so fun! (And Carmen’s glasses are really cute.) I love the seventh picture. 😀
    My brother is a fishing addict. XD He catches some enormous bass in our pond! I fish with him occasionally, and it’s fun. 🙂 I’ve never been kayaking, but I’d like to!

    Clara ❤


    1. It was! (Yeah, she just got them a few weeks ago. :))
      Thanks! I was really hoping a fish wouldn’t bite then because I was holding the fishing pole with my toes.
      That’s so neat! We’ve caught a few bass before, but not many! Do you have catfish in your pond?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool! 🙂
        Hahaha! XD That’s hilarious!
        Yeah! There are some really huge ones in there. We have a few catfish, but we’ve only seen them swimming around – we’ve never caught them. 😛


      2. Yep. 🙂
        Hehe! Thankfully no fish stole my pole.
        Wow! Neat! Allison once caught a catfish. I don’t normally try to get them because 90% of the time they bite off my hook or break my line. But their skin feels so weird and slimy… XD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s good. XD
        Wow, that’s so weird! I’ve never felt one before. 😛 Have you ever seen a white catfish? We saw one last year in the pond. 😀


  6. Looks really fun! I’ve gone fishing before a tiny bit when I was younger, but I don’t think I ever caught anything. 🙂 (except for once at some sort of paid fishing place thing… 😮 )


  7. Looks like you had a fun time! I’ve never gone fishing, and I don’t really plan to ever, because it seems kind of boring to me. My brothers have gone fishing plenty of times, though. 🙂
    And yes, I have gone kayaking before! It’s really fun. 🙂
    I really like that picture of the sunset-it’s so pretty!
    ~Christian Homeschooler


      1. I totally understand that. A lot of times an activity is fun because of the people you’re doing it with. 🙂
        That’s really cool that you went to Canada! The closest I’ve ever been to Canada is when we went to Niagara Falls, but we didn’t cross the border.


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