The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 17-FINALE}

Long time no Inchy B! But today you all get to read the last part of my photostory series The Adventures of Inchy B. If you haven’t read the other parts, go HERE.

Flashback from the end of the last part, Part 16:

The sun went behind the clouds and the birds stopped singing as the broken and weary worm heaved a sigh and closed her eyes.

And now for part 17.

Inchy B 1

Inchy B awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar wooden building. She was in a body cast and saw that there was also a friendly-looking inchworm with a stethoscope and a first aid kit in the room.

inchy b 2

As Inchy B struggled to right herself, she saw that Albert S and Katelynn the uniworm were also in the strange building. But Albert had lost his platform and Katelynn’s horn was no longer on her head.

Seeing Inchy B’s confusion, Katelynn explained about these things after she warmly greeted the brave worm. “Albert took a fall when the human lifted him out of the Bake, and his platform broke off. My lovely, beautiful, shimmering horn was cruelly knocked off my head by a giant cat.”

inchy b 3

“You see,” Albert said, “after three days of waiting for you, Katelynn and myself decided we would venture forth and search The House to see if we could find you. Hoping against hope, we bravely set out over the Bed Cover Hills and out of the Green Room.”

“But we didn’t know that a giant black cat lay stretched across the Bed Cover Hills!” Katelynn cut in dramatically.

inchy b 4

“We tried to sneak past the cruel beast, but he stretched out his paw in his sleep and knocked me over. My horn snapped instantly under the creature’s heavy paw.” Katelynn shook her head sadly, and Albert picked up the story again.

inchy b 5

“We travelled for hours, until we reached The Banister. It was nearly midnight by then, and the moon shone eerily through the window.” Albert said.

“Albert, there was no moon that night,” Katelynn said, ruining the effect.

inchy b 6

“Whatever. We travelled for another eight hours. The sun had risen, and we were getting weary. But then we saw a green shape in the distance!”

“Albert thought it was a green bean at first, but I knew it was you. Besides, why would there be a green bean in the hall?” Katelynn snorted.

inchy b 7

“I was smart enough to put a rope in my invisible pocket before we left, so we tied one end of it around your unconscious self, while Katelynn tied the other end around me. Slowly but surely, we dragged you back up to the Green Room. This time, it took two whole days. Even my strong self grew tired of pulling you.” Albert said, as Katelynn rolled her eyes.

inchy b 8

“As we climbed over the Bed Cover Hills once more, we saw that the cat was still napping there. This time, we successfully snuck past him,” Katelynn continued. “We returned to the Inchworm Abode just in time. If we had been an hour later, the little bit of life that was in you would have disappeared.”

Inchy B’s eyes were wide by the time the two inchworms had finished their tale. The doctor, however, said that Inchy B was nowhere near death, but rather in a Inchworm Safekeeping Coma which happened to all clay inchworms when they couldn’t move.

inchy b 9

“But let’s get your out of that body cast,” the doctor said before Katelynn and Albert could argue.

The three inchworms unwound the bandages from Inchy B to reveal two broken stubs that had once been her wings.

“I expect they’ll grow back, but it will be at least a year until you can fly again.” The doctor told her.

“At least a year! And they were wings that Itchy had made herself, even though she said she had no creative juices… WAIT!” Inchy B yelled, making everyone in the room jump. “WHERE IS ITCHY?”

“Calm down, for goodness sake,” Albert said. “She’ll probably be in one of the apartments here. I still have my rope with me, so we can lower you down if you’d like. Maybe you’ll find her that way.”

inchy b 10

They tied the rope around Inchy B. She peered over the edge, but could see no red-spotted worm.

inchy b 11

The doctor lowered her down until she was staring straight into a blue-haired worm’s eyes. He greeted her with an emphatic “Yo!”

“Oh my!” Inchy B could help but say. “Er, excuse me sir, but do you happen to know of any worm with chicken pox named Itchy?”

“Nope, sorry dude! But Gandalf might know. He’s the crazy-lookin’ worm with all the grey hair and this weird staff. He lives in the apartment below.”

Inchy B thanked the interesting worm and asked the doctor to lower her down a little bit more.

inchy b 12

The gray-bearded worm she saw had to be Gandalf. As Inchy B swung precariously in front of him, she asked if he had seen Itchy.

“Of course so. She lives two apartments to my left.”

Excited, Inchy B shouted these directions to the doctor and swung to the left, leaving Gandalf mumbling about “the One Ring”.

inchy b 13

At last Inchy B had found Itchy. Her eyes welled up with tears (or the would have, but she was clay) as she saw the polka-dotted worm dozing below her. She recalled the moment she first was made and first met Itchy, and remembered when Itchy gave her wings.

inchy b 14

Inchy B dropped to the ground, and Itchy awoke with a start. She smiled at Inchy B and said, “I haven’t seen you in a while, Miss Adventurer.”

2 Weeks Later

inchy b 15.jpg

“I would like to call to order the members of the SABBI – Society of Awesome But Broken Worms,” said Inchy B as she, Albert S, and Katelynn gathered around a vine. “To prove that I am able to be your president, I will climb this vine. No inchworm has ever done it before, but I have no doubt that I can do it!”

“You don’t have to do this, Inchy B. I dare say you’d make a better president as you are then in pieces.” Albert said worriedly.

“He’s right, Inchy. We think you’ll be a great president of the SABBI whether or not you climb the Great Rapunzel Vine of the Green Room,” Katelynn added.

inchy b

Inchy B didn’t respond, she just gave her answer by starting to climb the vine. Her friends and society members looked on, chewing their lips. Well, trying to at least. Inchworms do not have teeth.

inchy b 16

When Inchy B had gotten a good foot off the ground, she looked down at her friends. Albert had fainted and Katelynn was trying to revive him. Chuckling to herself, Inchy B moved onwards.

inchy b 17

At last she reached the top of the Rapunzel Vine. There was a nice look-out spot (a little muddy, but Inchy B didn’t mind) where she could survey the whole Green Room. She noticed that it seemed more blue than green. But as she looked on the Inchworm Abode and glanced down at her fellow SABBI members (Albert had revived), Inchy B felt her heart swell and she was very glad to be an inchworm.

THE END! *cue clapping*

I got the little inchworm ‘house’ last week for my inchworms, and it was just the thing I was wanting for this last part.

I hope you all enjoyed the series! It was really fun to make. 🙂

What was your favorite part of Inchy B?

Do you want to see a photo story about a clay pig and two Hershey kisses?

megan signoff

P.S. Do not laugh very hard while attempting to climb a tree. It doesn’t work well.

91 thoughts on “The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 17-FINALE}

  1. YAY FOR INCHY B! I yelled ‘YAY’ out loud when I saw this post! 😛 That was a great finale – the little inchworm house is so cute!! And yes, I would like to see a photo story about a clay pig and two Hershey kisses. XD
    (Good luck in beating your brother in the dandelion contest!)

    -Clara ❤


  2. Aw, what a great ending. 🙂
    Inchy B has been one great series…I think it was just starting when I first discovered your blog. 😛
    grace ❤️
    P.S. I’m getting braces soon…got any color suggestions? (And pass it on to Allison, if you’d/she’d like. 😉 )


  3. This was so interesting and exciting!!! I loved it, bravo, bravo, Megan!!! *hoots and claps*!!Well, I’ve only read a couple of your Inchy B stories (I’m kinda new to following you) so I loved the ones I read!!! I’d love a photo story on a pig and hershey kisses, haha!! 😀 Sounds fun! 😀


      1. Tragedy!? *faints*
        Okay, I’m awake again. What were we talking about again?? XD haha! POOR PIG!!!!! TRAGEDY!!!??? *faints again*
        What were we talking about *faints*


      2. Uhh… whoops. YOu said that two hours ago it says.. :/ And I can’t chat right now! I’m sorry!!! It’s also almost chore time… what are you doing tonight?? I think I’m free… I’ll probably be back in at around… 5:30 ISH?


      3. Ooops… Sorry I haven’t been on much!! I’m just so busy. I’m really sad we haven’t gotten to talk much lately.. :/ WE NEED TO CHAT SOON!!


      4. Oops. 😦 Sorry… I REALLY WANT TO!!!!!! ARGH! We’re never on at the same time anymore!!! 😦 😦 I’ll try to stay on for a few more minutes just in case you do see this. 😉


      5. Sure. Sure sure! XD This is very amusing, but I have to go soon… So tell Allison *ahem* to answer the question!


      6. Oh my goodness…that was the most HILARIOUS fun chat ever! XD XD XD Wow… 😛 😛 😛 XD And you still don’t know who Allison really was… 😉 😉 XD


      7. Yeah, but it passed pretty quickly.. 😉 It was pretty exciting though!!! 😀 XD Haha! I didn’t get to see if for myself. It was in a closeby pasture. my sis got pics!!! EEK! XD


      8. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! We’re on the computer at the SAME TIME FOR ONCE!!!! AHH! Quick, someone get me a paper bag!!!!! Oh wait…that’s a choking hazard.. :/


  4. HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! I very much enjoyed this. It’s so funny and well done. 🙂 Goodbye and good times, Inchy B. 😦
    Ooh, yes, a photostory about a pig and two Hershey kisses sounds like just the thing. 😀 😛 XD
    P. S. Yeah… that was interesting. At least you probably strengthened your core muscles. Heh heh.


  5. Aw, what a nice ending! Yay for Inchy B! I believe I’ve said this before, but I actually came to like your blog (longish ago), because Inchy B kept me coming back! 🙂 A clay pig and two hershey kisses sounds interesting! I would be interested in seeing that! (And now I want to eat chocolate XD lol )


  6. Loved the last episode! Inchy B is awesome. 🙂 And Gandaalllfff! Oh, and by the way, happy Poem in Your Pocket Day (for info you can check out my most recent post)! Here’s a poem by S. Raine:

    I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows.
    I am who I am from my head to my toes.
    I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
    Even a little crazy some of the time.
    I’m not a size 5 and don’t care to be.
    You can be you and I can be me.
    I try to stay strong when pain knocks me down.
    And the times that I cry is when no one’s around.
    To error is human or so that’s what they say.
    Well, tell me who’s perfect anyway.


  7. Hahaha! XD That’s great… Gandolf. XD XD Hehe!!! 🙂
    I would LOVE to see the one about the clay pig and hersheys kisses!! You should call the pig Binky! 😉 Or Hamilton! XD haha!! 🙂 Jk.


      1. Not a ton, but I thought it was funny that you called one gandalf. If that’s even how you spell it! XD Haha! 🙂
        That’s funny! XD XD Hmm…you should call it… Pinky Pigleton. No… Hmm… 😉 Do you know my pigs’ full names!? XD I finally came up with some! XD


      2. Hehe! XD 😉 Eh, he deserves to be crooked! Sorry, I don’t even know where that came from! XD haha!! 🙂
        Okay, Binky’s is Binket Botrina Pigleton Bitme and Hammy’s is Hamilton Joseph Pigleton Bitme. XD haha!! 🙂 But for short Binky Bo and Hamilton Jo. 🙂


      3. XD Haha!! 😉
        Yeah… XD Hehe!! I added Pigleton in there a while back because I like how it sounds!! 🙂 XD I accidentally hit Binky tonight in the head. I felt SO BAD!!! BAD K.A BAD!!


      4. Yeah.
        I know!! I was like, I’m SORRY!!! And she’s like “leave me alone and give me my food.” XD IT was terrible… 😦 😉 But she seemed fine this morning.. 🙂


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