Introducing DIY Design

Today (or tonight) I get to introduce something that Clara and I have been working on for a while. It’s going to be a blog series for bloggers that will span about six weeks.


DIY Design poster.jpg

We’re so excited to start this series! Clara has joined me to introduce ‘DIY Design’.

M: We’ll be doing seven different posts in this series covering different topics such as fonts, combinations, and WordPress blog design. Even if you aren’t a beginner blogger, we’ll be sharing a few design resources that you might enjoy.

C: We hope that this series will help bloggers make their sites unique! If you’re excited for DIY Design, then please re-blog this post, share it on Pinterest, etc. 😀

M: Graphic Design can be so fun, especially when there are so many different materials to use. With thousands of free fonts, clipart, and a good photo editor, you can design some really great graphics!

C: We’re going to do our best to focus on using products in our designs that you can get for free. It’s totally possible to have an awesome, self-designed blog for no cost at all!

M: And you can be unique too! The thing with free stuff is that everyone wants it. But thankfully, there are so many different materials out there to use. You don’t just have to design with PicMonkey’s overused fonts and graphics, you can find and download more unique materials.

C: We will strive to make our tutorials as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. Graphic design may sound complicated, but it’s really not hard. If something seems unclear to you, we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

M: We won’t be doing any code or HTML either, so don’t worry about that. 🙂

C: Our tutorials will be aimed at WordPress bloggers, though several of the tutorials will also work on other platforms like Blogger. In 5 days the first post will be up on Megan’s blog. Be sure to check our her post on clipart! She will be going over how to use clipart in graphics and how to make your own.

M: We will also be setting up an example blog. As we write posts for the series we will further design the blog using the tips we will post about. Hopefully this will help you visualize it better (and maybe give you some more inspiration).

C: Please keep in mind that we are not professional graphic designers, and these tutorials are completely free. We’re going to do our best to use the things we’ve learned to help beginner bloggers learn graphic design!

M: We’ll be posting the topics on our blogs every week. Here is the schedule so you know who’s blog to go to when!
Week 1: Clipart @ A Barefoot Gal
Week 2: Fonts @ Clara’s Craft Corner
Week 3: Combinations @ A Barefoot Gal
Week 4: Free Photo/Clipart Resources @ Clara’s Craft Corner
Week 5: WordPress Design, Part 1 @ A Barefoot Gal
Week 6: WordPress Design, Part 2 @ Clara’s Craft Corner

C: Be sure to check back at both of our blogs so you don’t miss any posts! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share this post if you’re excited for DIY Design!

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