Donut Making

A few weeks ago we made donuts on a snow day we had. We haven’t made donuts in years, and although it took a while, it was lots of fun. I like the more doughnut-y doughnuts. The ones that you can chew, not the ones  the dissolve in your mouth like the Krispy Kreme doughnuts do. The doughnuts we made were like that. They are so delicious!

{If you want to see the recipe, go to my sister’s post here.}

First you have to mix some ingredients together, let it rise, then add more ingredients. Then you can finally roll the dough out.

donuts 3 (1280x960)

We didn’t have a real doughnut cutter, so we made do with a measuring cup for the outer circle and a bottle cap for the doughnut hole.

donuts 2 (1280x960)

We put the doughnuts on a table board since there wasn’t enough room on the counter. We then we let them rise for a little while as we heated up some oil on the stove.

donuts 1 (1280x960)

At last the doughnuts were nice and puffy and the oil was hot.

donuts 4 (1280x960)

We were kept quite busy flipping them over, because the doughnuts fried in no time at all. You can tell when they need to be turned because the edge of the doughnuts starts to get a little bit brown.

donuts 5 (1280x960)

Once they were all flipped over, we waited about thirty seconds for the other side to get done. Like I said, they get done quickly!

donuts 6 (1280x960)

We lifted them out of the hot oil with a knife and a fork and let the oil drip off for a few seconds.

donuts 6.5

Then we placed the doughnuts on a paper towel so some more of the oil could get soaked up and they could cool off a bit.

donuts 7 (1280x960)

There were fifty-two doughnuts to fry. While one person was frying the doughnuts the other people glazed the ones that were already done. We mixed up some water, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla for the glaze, and then soaked the doughnuts in the glaze. Finally we set them on a rack so that the extra glaze could drip off.

donuts 8 (1280x960)

We made these a few weeks ago, and they are diminishing rapidly. I guess we’ll have to make some more here soon. Not that I care! I think doughnut-making is really fun.

(On a totally different note, I decided to change my blog design a bit, because I noticed that my old header font was starting to be used a lot by other bloggers, and I didn’t quite like the color I had chosen.)

Have you ever made doughnuts?

How do you think doughnuts should be – light and fluffy or dense and filling?

What’s your opinion on my blog design?

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