Happy Spring!

It is officially spring now. Even if it is just fifty-three degrees and cloudy outside, the calendar says that it’s spring, so maybe the weather will live up to that now.

It snowed a few days ago, but everything has melted by now. There are a few flowers that survived the cold, and I took some pictures today to celebrate spring.

I found this cute chubby dandelion poking out from the grass. I like dandelions as long as they aren’t in flowerbeds or gardens.

00 spring flowers 00 (4)

00 spring flowers 00 (5)

There’s also a nice patch of Speedwell by our clothesline. The flowers are so tiny and delicate!

00 spring flowers 00 (22)

00 spring flowers 00 (21)

00 spring flowers 00 (20)

Red Henbit is everywhere from now until next winter. Sometimes there are patches of it so big that the whole ground has a red-ish color.

00 spring flowers 00 (10)

00 spring flowers 00 (9)

Our pussy-willow that we planted last year is doing well. I love how soft their catkins are!

00 spring flowers 00 (18)

00 spring flowers 00 (17)

00 spring flowers 00 (16)

Our daffodils were quite wilted by the snow, but they came back, even if they do bear a few scars.

00 spring flowers 00 (6)

00 spring flowers 00 (7)

A bit of the creeping phlox in our flowerbed has bloomed as well. Creeping phlox is beautiful when there’s a big patch of it.

00 spring flowers 00 (14)

00 spring flowers 00 (13)

00 spring flowers 00 (12)

Yay for tulips! I can’t wait until they bloom. Tulips are some of my favorite bulbs. They are so big and vibrant and all around gorgeous.

00 spring flowers 00 (11)

The grape hyacinths have also been scared by the snow, but they still have color in them. I remember I we used to collect tons of these flowers and strip off the grape-like blooms and pretend they were our food.

00 spring flowers 00 1

00 spring flowers 00 (2)

Are there signs of spring where you live?


38 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. Lovely photos, Megan. I’m excited for spring too, though I do prefer cold weather😃. The only thing I’m not excited for for spring is hay fever. So much sneezing and tissues all over my bedroom floor.


    1. Yeah, I really like flowers and mom used to work in a greenhouse so she tells me the names of the cultivated flowers, and we have studied a lot of weedy flowers in Nature Study. 😉
      At least the daffodils might lighten the scenery a bit! Do you like spring or winter better?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You actually have a lot of flowers! Here the grass is greener, and there are some flowers, but it doesn’t feel much like spring yet. I think some flowers were ruined by the cold before, so that was too bad. My favorite pictures from your post are the ones of the creeping phlox. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler


  3. Your photography is the best, so beautiful! All the flowers you showed are so pretty! It’s definitely starting to look like spring here, our 4 feet of snow is gone except for patches here and there. 😉 And I’m seeing a little green grass! Yay for spring! 😀


  4. Wow! Your photos are so amazing, Megan! They’re so warm and spring-y! 😀

    Here in Florida, spring is hot and humid… like summer… oh dear. XD I do love the beautiful windy mornings, though! Our grass isn’t very green yet, but there are a few flowers blooming on our neighbor’s trees that peek over our fence. 😀

    Once again, I looove all your beautiful photos, Megan!



    1. Thank you, Madi!
      Oh dear… at least it’s not thirty degrees! But humid weather is no fun. I love blossoming trees! There are lots where we live, but the late snow killed the flowers in mid-bloom. :/
      Once again, thanks! XD


  5. I love the danelion photos! I love dandelions! They are so sunny and happy looking. My post today is about being in the moment and features a pic of me lying in a dandelion meadow! Happy Monday, Sam 🙂


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