The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry #12

Hello everyone! Clementine the amazing here. I forgot about those bunny sunglasses, I need to make Megan buy some soon. I am now writing my dozenenth (that’s not a word but it should be) entry, and you should be honored to be reading it. A few days ago Megan and Carmen and Allison took Lily and Willow and I outside. They let us run around and took pictures of us. I’m not sure if Megan has any pictures of Olaf or Diamond that are recent, but if I find any I’ll show you. For now, I’ll show you all the pictures that Megan took last Wednesday.

Should I be first, or should I be last (the best for last, ya’ know)? I guess I’ll go first.


I like running away from Megan – it’s probably my favorite sport.



A blade of triticale photo-bombed me, sadly.


I look like a safari animal or something!  Not exactly, Clemmie. Uh, yes I do. Don’t interrupt anymore though, Megan.




Megan has a few new nicknames for me. She calls me “Crummy” a lot, but has now started calling me “Nugget” as well. Sometimes she’ll call me “Clemmie the Terrible” too! I like the last nickname the best. FEAR ME EVERYONE! I AM CLEMMIE THE TERRIBLE. I think it fits me very well. No rabbit would dare mess with me – even a glance my way makes most rabbits shudder, and – Um, Clemmie? I was calling you that sarcastically. Megan! I told you not to interrupt!



I find it irritating when Megan catches up to me. I like to be wild and free and this is not how I think of ‘free.’ But I guess I’m pretty irresistible…



I was thinking about eating this plant, but then Megan took me away! Isn’t that awful? It looked so fresh and delicious… sigh. Humans.




(Clemmie looks rather grumpy here.) I do NOT! I look perfectly beautiful.



Megan put her Washington Nationals bracelet on my ears. She said I’m a baseball fan, but to tell you the truth, I don’t even know what baseball is.



Okay, that’s all the pictures of me. I’m sorry there weren’t that many. Nugget, there were tons. Nonsense! Anyway, here’s a GIF of me washing my face. I’m so adorable.


Do you like it? I’m sure you do. Now I’ll move on to Lily.


Poor Lily: everyone loves her so she gets handled a lot.




I think most of my fans know this, but that double-chin thing is called a dewlap. Lily is very proud of her dewlap.




I’m afraid Willow is VERY hard to photograph, so here is a picture of here in front of a stick. Clementine! That’s not very nice.


Okay, whatever. Here’s another one.

Why don’t you like Willow, Clemmie?

I never said I didn’t like her. I treat her better than Olaf and Diamond do.

But you still fight with her.

That’s because she refuses to call me Clemmie the Terrible! Oh, and by the way, I found a picture of Olaf and a picture of Diamond.



Another adventure that the bunnies had was playing on the trampoline at night.


Here is Megan in a sleeping bag with Willow, Lily, and I.


And I also went to the cotton seed pile awhile ago. I had fun exploring the mountains of fuzzy cotton, but I must say that it was quite dusty, and dusty equals bad pictures. Oh well. My beauty and cuteness still shines through the dust.

Before I go, I’d like you to vote on a poll for which rabbit is the best. I’ve given you plenty of options, as you can see.

Goodbye, loyal fans!


91 thoughts on “The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry #12

  1. This was so cute, The Diary of Clementine is my favorite post you do, Megan!!! What were you doing on the trampoline at night with rabbits attaching you? LOL! 😛


  2. Haha! That is SO cute! I love her entries so much! hahaha! 😉 Nugget is such a cute nickname! 🙂 Like a clemmie nugget! 🙂 Haha!


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