Best of 2016 – FINISHED

It’s over! The Best of 2016 Blogging Awards is officially done. Now it’s time to see what the wonderful nominees won. Let’s get started, shall we?

To see the nominees, go here. (Also, I’m not sure what’s up with some of the text on that post. It got all weird.)

Best New Blog – The Daydreaming Damsel

Congratulations, Bella! Here’s a button you can put on your blog if you’d like. 😉


Best Photographer – Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Allison definitely won this category. 🙂 And since she just got a DSLR, I bet her photography will get even better!


Best Writing Blog – Creative World of Writing

Misty, you were ahead of the second person by 25 votes. And I really do think your blog deserves to win!


Most Well-Written Story – {loyal} by Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner

Yay, Clara! 😀 If you haven’t read Clara’s fantastic short story, go ahead and check it out via the link!

You can put this button on your post, or your blog if you’d like. 🙂


Most Interesting Story – Storm Song by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Congratulations! Again, if you haven’t read Loren’s story, go and check it out! 🙂


Best Photography Post – Autumn In Bloom by Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

The Best Photographer won the Best Photography Post award. XD Why isn’t that surprising? 😛


Best Photostory – Hang on to Hope by Madison @ Delightful World of Dolls

Hang on to Hope is an amazing photostory created by an amazing Madi! XD

The Best of 2016 Blogging Awards - Best Photostory.jpg

Best How-To Post – How to Be a Ninja by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

How to Be a Ninja was a very popular post as you will see. 😛


Best Random Post – How to Be a Ninja by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Again… 😛 Here’s your button Loren!


Most Amazing Blog Design – Classically Yours

Humph Sarah! You didn’t need to move to Blogger! XD Just kidding! I think For All Who Wander looks fantabulous.

And Sarah, I will very willingly make you a button for your blog, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to since you don’t post on Classically Yours anymore. 😉

Friendliest Blogger – Grace/The Girl Upstairs @ The Girl Upstairs

Yay Grace! Congratulations! Here’s the button. 😛 I tried to make it match your blog a bit.


Best Collab Blog – The Art Lab

ART LAB! (Oh no, I was supposed to post that today. :[] Well, there is always tomorrow, right? )


Funniest Post – Relatable Things for Homeschoolers by Grace @ The Girl Upstairs

Grace’s post just edged past “How to Be a Ninja” by one vote! 😮


And thus concludes The Best of 2016 Blogging Awards. I plan on doing it again come 2017 though! 😀

Megan handwriting copy

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