The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 10

Hello fabulous fans! It is I, the amazing Clemmie. There are a lot of things I need to inform you about. I think there’s at least four…

Me first, of course.

I’m afraid this might disturb my fans, but it is information that you should probably know. I’m sure it will be hard to keep from crying, and I don’t blame you if you grab a pack of tisssues. When somethings like this happens to such an amazing rabbit like myself, people often get devastated.

Okay, let’s just get right to it. I hurt my eye. Like, really hurt it. I won’t tell you all the details, but you can assume a rabbit bit my amazing eye. I’m sorry if this ruined your day, but I needed to tell you. I can’t see out of it anymore, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to again. I stayed inside the past few days because the humans pitied me. (Actually, the truth is that I telepathically commanded them to, but Megan’s not supposed to know that)

Alright, you can stop your weeping, because the next topic is better. Or should I do another sad one… Yes, I think that would be best. This one doesn’t have to do with myself, so you obviously won’t be as devastated by it. But it is slightly sad.

Our owners sold Pippin. Yes, they just got him a few months ago, but they sold him. Thankfully he was sold as a pet, not for meat. (At least I don’t think two college girls were planning on killing him…) Sorry if that was a disturbing thought, but rabbits like Pippin are mostly raised for meat. Now I on the other hand, I am much to valuable to be butchered. I must move on. I’m sure you wish I could talk about myself all day, but I don’t think Megan wants me to, so I’ll go to the next topic – why they sold Pippin.

Megan and Allison’s friend had a bunny named Snickers. (He was the father to Willow’s last litter.) She decided to sell him, so Megan, Allison, and Jeff decided to buy him and sell Pippin.

I guess I should show some pictures of him, even though it will take up precious space in my post. dscn8739

One picture is good enough. (Megan doesn’t have any more good ones actually) He’s kinda cute, I guess. At least his ears are civilly lopped. Unlike my other roommate’s ears. Ahem. Well, they can’t help it, poor things. They do look kind of nice, I guess. Just not quite right…

Why are we talking about ears? Oh, right. Snickers. Snickers is the problem of a lot of things. Maybe… I don’t know, maybe he’s not. I’m getting a little tired, in case you can’t tell. I think I’ll take a quick rest. Be back in a bit!

Ah. Much better! Now I must get on to Topic #4.

Let me show you a picture…

dscn8964 Does that help? Willow had babies again! Aren’t baby rabbits stunning? Some people say they look a bit like pigs, but I take that as an insult. Just look at those precious little skinny bundles of fuzz… er… skin. So adorable. 🙂 I hope someday I can have some of my own precious bunnies.

Another thing that happened is my re-socializing. I was inside for almost a week so I had to get re-acquainted with the rabbits because their tiny minds so quickly forget about me. It’s so sad, but true. If the humans hadn’t done this, they might have lost a few eyes in their feeble attempts to fight me. Then we’d be even, I guess.

First the humans set up a play pen outside. Then they put Olaf, Lily, and Diamond in the play pen. Finally they brought me out. The bunnies weren’t on their own territory so it was okay. No big fights, fortunately. My toughness would have quickly overthrown their tiny attempts to conquer such a rabbit as I.


Yes… A lowly cat joined us outside.




After the outside stage, they put me in the playpen inside the real pen, so the rabbits would get used to me being there. I was in there for two days before Diamond, Lily, and Olaf finally got it into their brains that I was the one in charge and that they couldn’t mess with me.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I would have done more pictures, but the internet wasn’t working very well so I decided not to.



39 thoughts on “The Diary of Clementine ~ Entry 10

  1. Hi, Megan! This is C.’s sister. I just saw your comment, but my blog is goofing, but the blog you’re supposed to design is called Pet Paws Forever. You commented on Puppy’s and Kitten’s tea party. Sorry for the confusion, and thank you so very much!


  2. I love Clemmie’s posts! They are so cute! I’m so sorry to hear that her eye got messed up, that is so sad…. 😦 I hope it will get better though! 😀


  3. *sniff* I’m so sorry about the babies. That’s so sad. 😦 BUT I CAN”T BELIEVE YOU DIDN”T EVER TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THEM ON EMAIL!!! Jk…but then you SOLD PIPPIN!?!?!?!?! WHAT NEXT!? Next thing I know, you’ll be selling CLEM! I was hardly gone for a WEEK and I come back to all this crazy new stuff that happened!!! :O


  4. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. We have two bunnies and they feature on today’s post of my poetry blog in case you have time to look? Happy Friday! Sam 🙂


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