The Best of 2016 Voting

Hey everyone!  It’s time to vote on the blogs that were nominated. Thanks to you all, around thirty people nominated bloggers! That’s over twice as much as last year. 🙂

I made a bit of a change though: the blogs/bloggers/posts that got nominated twice get three extra votes/points. And if they got nominated more than twice they get an extra three points for each nomination. Also, I’m just doing kid bloggers. I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear in my previous post.

So! Let it begin. 🙂 It would be nice for you to vote for other bloggers, but I won’t be as strict on the not-voting-for-yourself rules on this round. 😛

Best New Blog (Nominated 2 times) (Nominated 2 times) (Nominated 3 times)

Best Photographer

Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 5 times)

Loren @ Let’s Be Lost and Happy House of AG (Nominated 2 times)

Rutvi @ Capturing and Creating

Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner (Nominated 4 times)

Grace/The Girl Upstairs @ The Girl Upstairs (Nominated 3 times)

Elly @ Serenity

Shelby @ Every Bit of Lovely

Maddy @ Maddy’s Digital Diary (Nominated 3 times)

Aria @ Purrfectly Inspired

Hayley @ Flourishing by Restful Falls

Julia @ The Joys of Julia

Best Writing Blog (Nominated 6 times) (Nominated 2 times)

Most Well-Written Story

Waiting by Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Charity Stays Strong by Maddison @ Delightful World of Dolls

Glazed by Emma @ Drawn to Writing

{loyal} by Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner

Most Interesting Story

Kindred Spirits by Misty @ Creative World of Writing

The Dust Pixies by Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Cyberfantasy by Kristen @ Journal of Two Dolls

To Restore a Faded Soul by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Friends Separated {Two Different Perspectives} by Me

Storm Song by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Best Photoshoot/Photography Post

Autumn In Bloom by Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life (Nominated 4 times)

Old and Worn: A Photoshoot by Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

How To Finish Your Homework Fast by Nabila @ Hot Town Cool Girl

How to Come Up With Post Ideas by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

How to Be a Ninja by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost (Nominated 3 times)

Crochet Coasters by Abigail @ FreckledFashionista

Chocolate Strawberry Hedgehogs by Mallory @ Mallory’s Wee Blog

Our Little Doll General Store with Free Shop Signs Printable by My Froggy Stuff

How to Draw BB-8 – A Tutorial by Emma @ Drawn to Writing

How to Be Invisible: a Writer’s Guide by Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

Best Random Post

On Smushed Cameras, Dead Sand Dollars, and Corn on the Cob by Me 🙂

My ATC Wall by Hayley @ Flourishing by Restful Falls

struggle. growth. change by  Elly @ Serenity

AWESOME Trailer by Beth @ This Redeemed Girl

On Drowned Glasses, Spider Grass, and Treacherous Gourds by Me

Oreo Cow, Cats in Space, 241543903, and Other by Samantha @ Red Head With a Book

Days You Should Know About, NaNoWriMo, Silly Songs… Yeah by K.A. @ Cuddly Critters Blog

In Which I Randomly Ramble Randomly Random Ramblings Again (Now With Even MORE Random Ramblings!) by Me @ Colorful Ideas

Flashback Time! by Olivia @ Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff

Random Post #4 by Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner

What I Would Do If I Owned American Girl by Emma @ Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls

How to Be a Ninja by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Most Amazing Blog Design (Nominated 2 times) (Nominated 2 times)

Friendliest Blogger

Grace/The Girl Upstairs @ The Girl Upstairs (Nominated 8 times)

Megan @ A Barefoot Gal (Aww…) (Nominated 3 times)

Misty @ Creative World of Writing

C @ Bees, Butterflies, and Me

K.A. @ Cuddly Critters Blog (Nominated 5 times)

Julia @ The Joys of Julia

Maddison @ Delightful World of Dolls (Nominated 3 times)

Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner

Bella @ Day Dreaming Damsel

Aditi Pallod @ Aditi Pallod

Best Photostory

??????? (What a good choice! This one should win.)

The BFF Wars by Loren @ Happy House of AG

The Small Ones by Clara @ Clara’s Craft Corner (Nominated 2 times)

The Guiding Compass by @ Small Dolls in a Big World (Nominated 2 times)

Hang on to Hope by Maddison @ Delightful World of Dolls (Nominated 4 times)

The Adventures of Inchy B by Me

Priceless Photo-story by Reya @ Kindred Spirits

The Great Birthday Bash-Smash by Maddison @ Delightful World of Dolls

Masquerade by Jaclynn @ Little House of American Girl

Holding on to Hope by Loren @ Happy House of AG

Best Collab Blog (Nominated 3 times) (Nominated 4 times) (Nominated 2 times)

Funniest Post

The TSO by Loren @ Happy House of AG

Thoughts Had During Writing Days  by Emma @ Drawn to Writing

How to Be a Ninja by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost (This one was quite popular apparently!)

BEGE Talk Show by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

A Special Day by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

How To Hermit – A Guide To What I Spend The Majority Of My Life Doing by Emma @ Drawn to Writing

Best of Pinterest • Humor by Liv @ Life As Liv

Relatable Things for Homeschoolers by Grace/The Girl Upstairs @ The Girl Upstairs

A Looong-and Funish- Day! by K.A. @ Colorful Ideas

Some of the links didn’t work or didn’t apply to the category, (such as a regular post in the Most Interesting Story category) so I left those out. Also, I ended up not doing the NaNo novel thing, because it was kind of confusing. 🙂

You have until December 1st to vote, and then I will announce the winners! 😮

Megan handwriting copy

So. Many. LINKS!! This post took a lot of copying and pasting. XD I can’t wait to see the results! I bet Loren’s notification box just exploded with pingbacks. XD

173 thoughts on “The Best of 2016 Voting


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      2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! YOUR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WELCOME!! Your writing a novel?? What’s it about? Who’s the main character? What genre? Who’s the villian? Is there a love triangle? Will you get me attached to a character and then kill him along with my soul? I NEED DETAILS!!!! Oh yeah and when you’re done let me read it. 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I was nominated for some of these!! Megan, I was actually thinking of how cool your award posts were just today and wondering if you were going to do another one just so I could vote (’cause voting is fun :P). I didn’t see the original post where the nominations were made, otherwise I would’ve nominated some people/blogs… Whoops. 0.0 Thank you so very much to everyone who nominated me! I was SO excited to see my name up there with all those other phenomenal bloggers – I can still hardly believe I’m up there! That means so much! 😀 Now, off to the enjoyment of voting for my favorites! XD

    P.S. Yeah, the whole time I was reading this I was betting that Loren’s notification box exploded with pingbacks, too. XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! It’s such an honor when you get nominated, isn’t it? 🙂
      Hehe! That’s funny. 😛 I’m glad you like my award posts! (Indeed, voting is quite fun. I’m thinking of doing some more polls in a post to come. :P)
      Thanks for voting!
      P.S. Yep. XD I commented and told her it would explode right before I hit publish. XD


  2. This was so much fun. 🙂 I’m honored to have been nominated for several categories!! Wow!! Thank you, girls!! ❤
    All of these posts and bloggers are fantastic!


      1. *surveys Abby* Nope. The Force definitely ain’t with YOU. 😀
        😉 LOL!

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  3. WUT. I’m up there?! Twice?!!
    Thanks, peoples who put my blog URL in that box!! (*internal freaking out*) And wow, I can’t believe thirty people nominated others. That’s awesome! 😀

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    1. Oh my goodness Megan, I can’t believe you actually put the question marks as a choice! 😂😂😂 There should be a category for the blogger with the best sense of humor — you would totally win it! 😄😄😂😂

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    1. Hey Madi! (Hey is not for horses. Hay is for horses. WAIT, WHAT?)
      I know YOU’VE been cracking up about dares with me and Megan…here’s one for YOU! I dare YOU to go to Clara’s Craft Corner, and say in the comments, on her ” ❤ writing ❤ " page,
      "I like popcorn. Do you like popcorn? I sure do like popcorn. It's yummy. It's delicious. It's popcorn." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! GO! Do it! I DARE YOU TO!!

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  4. YESS!!! GO “???????” YOU ARE THE BEST PHOTO SERIES!! Sorry xD. I’m so honored to be up there THREE times!! And I love seeing art lab up on there too :). Also, you should totally win for being the kindest blogger, megan, you’re always so supportive of everyone!! I don’t know how you do it!!

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  5. Holy guacamole!!! I never thought I’d get nominated for anything!!!!! Thank you to every one who nominated me!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!! And congrats to the other nominees!!!!! Holy moly!!! I’m going to go happy dance and work on my NaNoWriMo as celebration!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Aww, thank you so much, Megan!!!
        Well, I was at 46 percent and now I’m at 57. That’s a lot in one sitting!!


  6. Hullo yet again, Megan!
    I just saw a hilarious dare you did, K.A. said, “Tulips are nice” on Loren’s page, “Blogs I <3" YOU ARE HILARIOUS, MEGAN! LOL!
    Will you dare me to do something weird? PWEASE! *puppy dog eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, good! *lets out huge breath*
        Just sent the comment! Now I dare you *evil laugh* to go to Let’s Be Lost and scroll to the VERY FIRST POST and comment saying just, “Sup.” DO IT!!! *growls*


      2. GREAT! I was wondering why I don’t see it…Loren moderates – completely forgot! Can’t wait till she sees mine and yours! LOL! (Grr…)


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