October Highlights and November Goals

October was really fun! Here’s what goals I got done last month:

October Goals (Review)


  • Post at least two more parts of Inchy B. Check!
  • Do another ‘Will This Work or Fail?’ episode. Check!
  • Post some fall photos. Check!
  • Start up the blog button giveaway with Josie again. Nope.
  • Do a lyric photo shoot with one of our pets. Check!

Wow, four out of five. Not bad!


  • Hit a home run in baseball😛 Nope.:/
  • Make donuts. No…
  • Make something out of burdock root. Heh heh. Nope.
  • See the Washington Nationals win the World Series. NO! BAD DODGERS!😄
  • Make more clay inchworms. Yep!
  • Design a newspaper for something we’re doing in co-op. No, but that’s because they weren’t ready yet.🙂 I will in November!

So. I didn’t do quite as good with non-blogging goals.😄 One out of six.

October Highlights


Playing in the grain bins with siblings, cousins, and friends. (To see some of the things we do in there, see my sisters post HERE.)


Cubs or Indians.png

Watching baseball games and the World Series.

Megan 001.JPG

(Sort of) helping my friends do a very hectic bake sale at our co-op.😄

Megan 040.JPG

Reaching 300 followers.


Playing baseball (well, not really a whole game) with our grandmother.

Image result for that darn cat 1965

Watching an old movie (“That Darn Cat”) outside with our friends.

October Blogging Stuff

I published 19 posts in October. My three favorites were…

Maggie in Autumn

Best of 2016

The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 16}

November Goals (Blogging)

Megan 311.JPG

Post another really random post. (I just chose a random picture for this. XD)


Post a bunny announcement post/Clementine’s 10th entry.


Start up the blog button giveaway with Josie again.

Do something in celebration of 300 followers.

November Goals (Non-Blogging)

Have an amazing time at the NEEDTOBREATHE concert. (This shouldn’t be too hard! :P)

Megan 076 (800x600)

Get 250 lbs. of food from the food drive I’m doing in co-op with my classmates.


Read Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Make something with weeds. (I got a Wild Food cookbook from the library yesterday. XD)

DSCN8663 (800x600).jpg

Practice some brush lettering and watercolor.

MegAN 072.JPG

Host an ATC party.

pinterest board..PNG

Try at least three crafts/projects/recipes from my Pinterest boards.

So there we go! I can’t wait to see what November’s like.🙂

Megan handwriting copy

By the way, all of these pictures are mine except the sparkler and concert one: those are from Unsplash. 😉

48 thoughts on “October Highlights and November Goals

  1. October was a good month! 😉
    GOODBYE I’M OFF TO FIND A GRAIN BIN THAT NO ONE WILL NOTICE ME CLIMBING INTO. 😀 Seriously though, being in there looks so fun! ❤


    OH! I need to mail Keeper to you! I’ll try to remember to do it tomorrow. 😛

    -Clara ❤


  3. So pretty much you’re more productive with your blogging goals than your life goals… Hmm… 😉 I Love your new blog look! And congrats on reaching 300 followers!!


      1. Nothing in particular I guess… I just think that since they’re not real, and there are people who actually SWEAR that they are elves…sometimes I think it goes a bit too far.. :/ I just would rather PERSONALLY not read about stuff like that..I think it’s better to read stuff about real things.. ish. 😛 😉


  4. Those sound awesome, Megan! (I wrote Clara at first… 😛 )
    October was a great month. 🙂 I can’t wait for November. 🙂
    ~Grace ❤
    P.S. I'm sending out the letters today! 😀 I hid a secret message in mine, too. 😉 (It's not a huge message, just a "Did you find this?" sort of thing. 😛 )


  5. I enjoyed this! I want to make a list of goals each month too, because I have heard of so many of my friends that have them! 😀


  6. I can not believe you have three HUNDRED FOOOOOLLLLLOOOOOWWWWEEEERRRSS! :O :O :O :O That is TOTALLY NUTSO WACK! 😐 AHH! I have like 135 or something. Which is still great (for me), but… AH!


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