Sisters Q&A: Part 3

Wow, it’s been awhile since we posted the last part of the Sisters Q&A. Here’s part three!

In case you’ve forgotten how this works, we’ll take some of the questions our readers asked us a month or two ago and Allison will try to guess the answer for me, and then I’ll say what it really is. At the end we’ll tally up the points. 😛


Coffee or Tea?

Guess: Coffee!

Answer: I like coffee best. Especially if it has a good bit of cream in it. 😛 I  love anything coffee flavored as well!


If you had to dye your hair a really bright/crazy color, what color would you choose?

Guess: Purple or red. (Heh heh, that was her answer to the last hair dye question.)

Answer: I’d say blue… not a really bright shade of blue, but a lighter shade. 😉

Favorite book?

Guess: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Answer: The Mysterious Benedict Society

How many pets have you had in your life?

Guess: Five: a cat whose real name was Daisy but whom we always called Kitty; Nibbles, a rabbit who got decapitated by a barn cat (tragic at the time but kind of funny when you think about it); Rutabaga, a rabbit who died of unknown causes; Mango, a rabbit who died because… uh, she had health issues? XD ; and Clementine, her current (and so far healthy) bunny.

Answer: Seven, if fish count. Five if they don’t. But I say the should. Oh, I also had a hermit crab for about a month, but he wasn’t really a pet. It seems like there was another one though…

 Do you like gathering eggs? 😀

Guess: N. O.

Answer: Not at all!

How old were you when you learned to swim?

Guess: 5?

Answer: I don’t really know. 😛 Maybe five or six?

Grace (The Girl Upstairs)

What’s your favorite farm animal?

Guess: If pets don’t count, then I guess cows. (‘Cause the only other option is boring ol’ chickens.)

Answer: If rabbits count, then I choose rabbits. But rabbits aside, I’d choose cows. I wish we had a donkey though. XD

 What’s your least favorite farm chore?

Guess: Gathering eggs.

Answer: Yeah, gathering eggs.

 What clay creation is your favorite?

Guess: I’ll bet it’s an inchworm – my guess is the Gandalf inchworm. Or else the Flower Maiden inchworm, Alfred the Albino inchworm, or Inchy B. 🙂

Answer: One of my inchworms… but I don’t know which one. I just like my inchworms.

 If you could change your hair and eye color, what would you change it to?

Guess: Hair: Black? Eyes: Maybe green?

Answer: I think maybe blondish-red hair and green eyes. 😛 Although it would

 What’s your favorite book?

Guess: Once again, The Mysterious Benedict Society series.

Answer: The Mysterious Benedict Society

 Who is your role model?

Guess: Jesus. 🙂

Answer:  Jesus!! Dunno about a human role model.


If you could add another pet to your farm, what would it be?

Guess: Maybe a little hoglet (baby hedgehog)!

Answer: A DONKEY! I like donkeys. Their ears are so… big!

Of what color are most of your clothes?

Guess: Blue. 😛

Answer: Probably blue, but orange is a close second.

Do you expect to go to college? For what?

Guess: Probably not. I don’t know, she might take a few classes – maybe Computer/Graphic Design.

Answer: No, probably not. *collective gasp*

Do you write in a diary?

Guess: Nope, unless Clementine’s monthly diary or her blog counts. 😛

Answer: I tried once… Or twice… I tried quite a few times. I think one time I made more than two entries. Okay, the point is, no. I do not write in a diary.

Do you like swimming laps or playing a game in the pool more?

Guess: Playing a game, definitely.

Answer: Definitely playing a game. (Hehe! And guys, we don’t see each others answers/ guesses at ALL until we are done writing our own. :))

Do you have a tendency to leave things around the house or yard or room or wherever they don’t belong?

Guess: Um… yeah. (*Cough* Our bedroom… *Cough*)

Answer: Hmm. Do I? YES.

When you go to sleep at night, do you try your very best to keep the bed all neat and nice?

Guess:  Not exactly. XD

Answer: Well, I kind of try, but I fail. XD

If you want to see how I did with guessing the answers to these same questions, only for my sister, go to her post HERE.

We tied – 14.5 right out of 19 questions!

Megan handwriting copy

16 thoughts on “Sisters Q&A: Part 3

  1. Gandalf inchworm??!! #1 fan right here.<– 😄 And lol yes, when my sister and I shared a room I had a bit of a problem with her leaving her stuff around, too. 😂

    I can't wait for the next part! ❤️❤️


  2. Hey Megan! I read your thing on Allison’s and you did GRRREAT!!! XD 🙂 LOVED IT! Haha! I LOVED THIS: Guess: Gathering eggs.:/ (OH MY GOODNESS! Guys, I even got the emoji right. Do I get a bonus point?😄 ~Megan)


  3. I enjoyed this, Megan! How you all know each others answers is so neat, is shows that you are close sisters! 🙂


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