Book Page ATCs {Art Lab Episode 15}

Hello all you artists!
Today I have some fun, simple, and beautiful art inspiration for you guys.

I got an old book at my Grandma’s that she didn’t want, and I used it to make some art.

For my first ATC, I cut out the shape of a book and glued it to an ATC that I had colored yellow. Then I outlined the cut-out, and added the word ‘Books’ and some swirls.

Megan 011.JPG

For my second one I cut a page from the book into multiple strips and glued them all crisscross to my blank ATC.

Megan 008.JPG

Next I flipped the ATC over and cut off the parts that were sticking off of it.

Megan 009.JPG

After that, I outlined the pieces in Sharpie. Ta-da!

Megan 010.JPG

Then I made one more. For this one, I started by drawing polka dots all over my ATC with an orange Sharpie.

Megan 017.JPG

Then I cut a squiggle shape out of a page of the book and glued that in the center of my card.

Megan 018.JPG

I outlined my squiggle in Sharpie and added an extra detail or two.

Megan 019.JPG

Book collage ATCs are really fun to make, and I love the result! You could also use a sheet from a piano book to make an ATC.

Megan 007.JPG

Have fun making art!

27 thoughts on “Book Page ATCs {Art Lab Episode 15}

  1. Love this craft! We got a bunch of old books for my book-themed birthday party and it was really fun. We made a table runner and even a pennant out of the pages. 🙂
    ~Grace ❤
    P.S. I was wondering if you knew how to make a translucent rectangle-thingy that can go in front of an image? Hmm…I'm not explaining this very well…like on this graphic…

    Does that make sense?


  2. That’s beautiful! :O 🙂 Love it!!! 😀 😀 I really really liked your orange spots! XP XD Really!!!! XD Haha! My spots are always pretty bad… 😛 XD


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