On Drowned Glasses, Spider Grass, and Treacherous Gourds

Time for another random post!
This one will be like my previous one, but the facts aren’t just about me. 🙂

Drowned Glasses

This summer we stopped at my dad’s friend’s up in Minnesota while we were on vacation. The second day we were at their house, we went water tubing! It was really fun. They pulled an inflatable tube around in the water behind the motor boat.

Anywho, while we were waiting for others to get done with their turns, we were jumping off the bigger boat that they just kept in the middle of the lake. Now, some of you might not know that I have glasses. (DUN DUN DUN)

Yes, suspenseful.

So as I was saying, I jumped off the boat, forgetting that my glasses were still on my head. (Me and my forgetfulness…) Just before I hit the water I remembered them. They came off as soon as I hit the water, of course.

A few things to know about the lake. 1), it was quite deep, and 2), you can’t see in the water. It was too cloudy. I had to grope around for a bit but then I finally got my glasses. Phew. But if I wouldn’t have gotten them, that would have been bad. I had another pair at home that weren’t as strong, but we weren’t at home. I also have fairly bad vision, so it’s not like the leaves were a little fuzzy without them. No, I can’t read what I’m typing now without my glasses, unless I’m like five inches away from the screen.

Moral of the story: don’t swim with glasses.

Unpainted Owls

A few years ago, (I think three) my cousins gave me a ceramic owl for my birthday. It was an adorable owl, but it looked a little strange because it wasn’t painted. It’s eyes are just two huge round bumps on it’s head. (Actually, the whole owl is one big blob, it doesn’t really have a head.) I never got around to painting it, so it just sits there on our dresser. It looks okay I guess, but I’m thinking of painting everything gold but the eyes, and then drawing pupils with sharpie.

Poor unpainted owl…

The Helpless Spider Plant

My mom got a cute little spider plant from Home Depot that sits in our foyer. Casey loves the spider plant. You can often see her chewing on it as she hugs the pot.

It’s quite mowed on the top. It actually looked flat at one point. My mom thought Casey had done the mowing, but it turns out Carmen, my little sister, had cut it with some scissors for whatever reason.


I have made about thirty inchworms so far. Let me think… There’s Itchy, Inchy B, Alfred (the albino worm), the chef, the worm and his pet snail, the professor, the blogger worm, the wormaid (mermaid inchworm XD), the baseball worm, the detective worm, the football worm, the book worm, the other book worm, the artist worm, the flower maiden, the inchworm eating, the top hat worm, the gardener worm, the magician worm, the twins, the sun bathing worm, the inchworm making a clay inchworm, the party worm, the unicorn worm… that’s 24 that I’ve said. I know there’s more though.

“I’ll Be Careful Not to Die”

When I was little (five years?) I remember being told not to put my head in plastic bags and stuff (you know, so I wouldn’t suffocate. :P). One day mom went shopping and got a gift bag for something. I put my head in it and told mom, “I’ll be careful not to die in here!” XD

The Gourds Have Abandoned Us

Three years ago our garden was overtaken by a gourd infestation. We picked them all and set up a picnic table by the road with a can for money and sign asking 25¢ each. We made about 25 dollars (which means we sold about 100 gourds) and bought a tank for some salamanders we found.

Two years ago my brother noticed that “The Island,” which is a bunch of trees growing in the middle of a field, had a bunch of gourds growing on it. This was because the year before we had thrown the rotten gourds that were left over from the gourd sale on a pile of dirt that my dad had scooped up and taken to the island. Gourds grow like weeds, so they quickly took over the Island. We sold gourds again that year. We made thirty dollars I believe, and bought our grandparents mugs with our art on them for Christmas.

Last year, we harvested the gourds that had grown from the island and from behind a shed where we had thrown them. We made about forty-five dollars, because we raised the price to fifty cents. We used the money to pay for rabbit food for our growing number of rabbits.

But this year, the gourds have abandoned us. They haven’t grown behind the shed, and when we checked the island a month ago there was a small plant with a few blossoms.

Treacherous gourds.

**UPDATE** I just went to the Island and found that the plants have grown quite a lot and that there are 20-30 gourds.


A Goose and a Kitty Poster

Yesterday we went to my grandma’s garage to pick out some stuff we wanted. She and Grandpa recently moved to a smaller house, so she had some stuff she didn’t want anymore. We looked over the stuff, marking the things we wanted. We got some really cool things! There were some neat containers and a few kerosene lamps, among lots of other treasures.

At the end, there was a (rather nice looking) goose thingy, a kitty poster, and some other stuff that more than one person wanted.  My little sister and my six year old cousin wanted the kitty poster, of course, and my older cousin wanted it because she remembered seeing it in Grandma’s room a lot. And it was a cute poster.

So we bid on it. After it got to three dollars -about how much the poster was worth- my mom decided it wasn’t worth it, so she stopped. 😛 Then my aunt (bidding for her daughter) and my older cousin continued. It went for ten dollars to my older cousin.

And then there was the goose. I really liked the goose. It was a nice goose. Mom whispered to me that she’d go to seven dollars, then I could go higher if I wanted. We were biding against my aunt again. It went to seven dollars, and then my aunt said we got it. YAY! It was really funny to watch my aunts and my mom biding for the stuff.

Have I mentioned that it’s a nice goose?

Megan handwriting copy

It really is a nice goose.

34 thoughts on “On Drowned Glasses, Spider Grass, and Treacherous Gourds

  1. I love randomness! 😂
    I wear glasses too! *crowd gasps in shock* Well, contacts, that is. They’re easier to go swimming in. 😉 But I have pretty bad vision. :/


  2. HAHA! These are funny! Wormaid… nice, nice (nice) goose… abandoning gourds… inchworm making an inchworm… those are some of my favorites! XD 😛


  3. This was so funny and hysterical!! I LOVED IT!!! Especially the gourd story! That’s so cool and neat! But, since they didn’t grow this year, they certainly are treacherous gourds!! LOL! 😀


  4. Hehe, I like randomness posts! XD
    One time I almost went swimming with my glasses on, but I usually don’t forget because most of the time I wear a swim cap and goggles when I swim in the pool.
    I think it’s really cool that in past years you made a lot of money selling gourds. Since the gourds did actually grow, are you going to sell them this year, too?
    My random fact of the day is that yesterday I picked a pumpkin. And there are still 6 on the vines! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler


    1. Hehe! I’m glad. 🙂
      Yeah… I often wear goggles too. 🙂 But that time… XD
      Yeah! We might! I’ll have to pick some this week. If we do have 20 or over, we probably will set up a stand!
      FUN! I love pumpkins, but I can never get them to grow. :/ XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, cool! You should totally post pictures of the stand(if you have one) on your blog. 🙂
        Yeah, I tried grow lettuce this year, and it didn’t grow. :/ This was my first time trying to grow pumpkins, though, and I’m so glad they grew!


      2. Okay! I probably will. 🙂 I can’t wait to pick them! It’s really neat, because there’s so, so many different kinds. Some are almost black, some are orange and green, some are green and bumpy, some are white…
        Aww, bummer. We did grow that. 😛 But it didn’t taste too good.
        Yeah! That’s great! I want to try again next year. 🙂


  5. A similar thing happened to me. (With the glasses thing)
    On vacation this year I was kayaking in a lake. I had fallen/jumped (More like fallen.) out of the kayak, and was trying to get back in. I managed to tip the kayak over. My goggles were in the kayak. I never saw them again.


  6. Aren’t you glad for randomness? What would we DO without it!? 😛 XD haha!!! 😛 😉 Wow… gourds… Interesting… XD XD XD 😛 Hahahaha! This was THE WEIRDEST MOST INTERESTING POST! XD Hahahaha!!! 😛 🙂 When are you going to post BIBPC answers!? :O Or…results.. or whatever. XD Haha!
    Have you ever played Tic-tac-toe in the dirt with rocks!? 😛 It’s quite fun! 😀 XD I played that with my great friend this morning, I had the little rocks, she had the big ones! XD She won…three games I think- and I won 2. And there were a couple cat games. 😛 🙂 It was fun! XD Hehehe!
    What was that with the goose!?!?!! 😮 😐 :/ :O XD haha! What kind of a goose was it- a real one??


      1. 😛 Oh. You DID!? I did NOT see it.. Hahaha! XD Haha! That sounds fun! 😉 😛 Is it alright if I do a randomness post similar to your own?


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