The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 14}


The Adventures of Inchy B has returned after a long hiatus.

See the other parts HERE.

Inchy B carefully scooted the glue bottle around so the orange tip was touching the container of creative juices. Then she flew up high, and dropped down (hard) onto Elmer’s Glue.


She cheered as a small blob of glue squirted out of the bottle.



But she couldn’t waste any time. She jumped onto the container and smeared it around. Soon she felt sufficiently sticky. Now she just needed to wait.

Megan 202 (800x600).jpg

Inchy B was a patient worm. She waited a whole hour without moving. She got lots of thinking done. After 63 minutes (Inchy B’s favorite number was 63) she flapped her wings a few times and clumsily lifted the container into the air.


As she went higher she could see the whole Table of Clay Things. She loved her hometable and was sad to say goodbye for what was likely the last time.


She flew for not quite half an hour before seeing the doorway to the Room of Bake. She slowed her flapping wings as she descended on to Grand Ite Counter. (Some know-it-all worms called it Granite)


On the Melter and Boiler there was… nothing. No pan with inchworms waiting for her.


Megan handwriting copy


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