My WordCrafters Chapter

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Today I have my chapter for WordCrafters, a story chain for bloggers. 😉 Check out all the other chapters HERE.

Devin glanced around at the warriors. Then he looked back at the old man and shrugged. 

“Just as well. I was getting bored anyway.” And he took Esme by the hand and started walking away. Katri’s father gave a shout and the fairy warriors urged their pegasi closer. Devin drew his sword and pointed it at each Pegasus in turn. They snorted and backed away, despite their masters’ weak efforts to control them. The fairy warriors were frightened of the metal as well. But Katri’s father wasn’t. He grabbed Esme by the wrist and pulled her away. He quickly and skillfully tied her to a tree. Then he went back into the fray of snorting pegasi and frantic fairies.

Esme saw Katri’s father grab Devin by the arm and then the swirl of the battle hid them from her.

Twenty-one on  one – not fair, Esme thought before closing her eyes in exhaustion, trusting Devin to take care of himself.


Vivi peered out of  the underbrush, looking for any signs of that beast. The roar that had frightened everyone so bad was the roar of a strange monster. It had hooves like elephants, tree trunks for legs, and the fuzzy body of a cat. It’s head was hidden among the trees, but it’s tremendous stomping split the ground right under Devin’s feet. Now, she needed to find Katri and Pippin and get away from this place lest the monster come back. Then they could continue their search for Esme, and maybe they’d stumble upon Devin somehow. Vivi walked further into the woods. She gazed upwards as a large bird or some sort of creature flew around in the tree-tops. Then there was the shout of a human and Pippin fell down through the thick branches onto the ground beside Vivi.  

“Pippin! Are you alright?” Vivi cried anxiously, rushing towards him.

Pippin managed a small grin. “Maybe. What did you think I did, fall?”

Vivi raised an eyebrow. “Yeah… that’s what it looked like.”

“Nonsense! The ground just needed a hug,” he grinned, then he blacked out.

“Oh bother, “ Vivi sighed.


Esme woke with a start. As she looked around, she recognized that she was no longer at the battlefield, but instead she was floating on a cloud.

“How odd,” she mused to herself.

She peered over the edge of her cloud and saw Vivi sitting next to Pippin, feeding him something that resembled wilted blue spinach. Beside her sat a humongous beast who was carrying Katri on its back. Esme leaned over a little further. Then, the next thing she knew, she was falling off the cloud, down towards her friends and the beast.

Instead of landing though, Esme woke up again. It was all very confusing to her; waking up and then waking up again. But this time she really had woken up. She was back at the battlefield. It was empty though. Esme got to her feet and walked around. Then she felt a soft nudge to her arm. She turned around to see a fuzzy gray unicorn looking at her.

Ta-da! It was pretty short… :/ But I hope you like it, Allison and Josie!

Megan handwriting copy

OH YIKES. INCHY B! I will work on that today. 🙂 Maybe tomorrow… :[]

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  1. Yay! Thanks, Megan! I added it to WordCrafters, and I can’t wait to see how Chaespeedreader will use the unicorn! 😀 Also, I loved the part about Pippin hugging the ground. XD


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