Friends Separated {Two Different Perspectives}

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Hello people! 😉For school, I had to write some that had two different viewpoints. Here’s what I came up with.

Girl’s Point of View

A little girl takes hold of her teddy bear’s matted paw. She skips through the tall grasses, the toy swinging back and forth by her side. She spots a dandelion and crouches down to blow it, smiling as the little seed parachutes float onto her stuffed bear’s face. Brushing them off with a finger, she grabs his paw again and takes off, hopping and skipping and twirling through the meadow.

As she nears a small stream, she turns her head to glance at her older brother who is reading a book further up in the meadow. The girl takes off her sneakers and socks and wades a little bit into the water, testing it. She decides it’s warm enough and goes in deeper. Her teddy bear drags along in the water behind her. The girl scrambles up onto the opposite bank, pulling  her bear up with her. She sits down on the muddy bank to catch her breath while she examines her bear. His fur is worn from the intense amounts of love given to him, and his glossy black eyes are wet from the river. The girl notices that his paws are quite muddy and covered in both dirt and leaves. She decides he needs a bath.

Back into the water he goes. She sets her bear down on a stone, and splashes up stream to get a piece of bark that she thinks seems fit for soap. The splashes from her stumbling feet send waves back to the teddy bear’s rock. She tumbles into the water and makes big ripples with her flailing arms before giggling and getting up again. Finally, she grabs the piece of bark. She starts back to her teddy, but finds that the rock no longer holds her stuffed animal! The muddied bear is bobbing up and down in the creek.

The little girl shrieks and tumbles forward as she tries to run after him. But he floats further and further away from her, until the stream drags him around a turn and out of his master’s sight.

Bear’s Point of View

As he sways beside the little girl, the bear pretends that he is walking on his own. His one leg kicks out, then the other, and he imagines that his floppy limbs are strong and that he is running through the meadow beside his owner.

She is happy, he notes to himself, and that makes him happy. Her brother is too engrossed in his book to notice her, but the girl doesn’t care. She squats down to look at a dandelion. The bear feels a blast of wind come from her puckered mouth as little pieces of fluff fly onto his thick orange fur. He smiles to himself as the girl lovingly flicks them away. Then off she goes again, the bear swinging alongside of her.

Now the bear can see that just beyond the grasses that tickle his hard black nose lies a bubbling stream. Excited, he can’t help but give his legs an extra kick of joy as he bounces in mid-air beside his friend. She sets him down to remove her small brown shoes and lacy-topped socks, then the bear is lifted up into the air again. He’s facing the girl’s brother now, but he can feel the stream soaking through his fur and into his stuffing as it tries to carry him away from the girl. The bear laughs at the stream. The girl would never let him away from her sight, much less give him up to the stream.

Now they have reached the shore. The bear looks down at his muddied feet and laughs silently. It doesn’t matter. The girl will still love him.

The bear guesses that the girl must want to go back already, for she glances at him and heads back into the stream. He feels her hands let go of him as he plops down onto a large rock, and watches as the girl heads up the stream. Curious, the bear tilts his head to one side. Her feet, as small as they are, disturb the stream, and it bunches up and races towards him. The cold water glides up over the smooth rock, dampening his fur. It still wants him, the bear thinks to himself. But he trusts the girl.

Suddenly there’s a big splash and the little girl falls into the water. The bear is worried, but being a toy, can do nothing to help. Soon, to his relief, she giggles, and gets back up. Yet she must have made the stream furious, for the teddy bear now sees huge waves speeding towards him. They push against him and he feels himself sliding off his rock. He wishes he could call out to the little girl! She looks at him just as he tumbles completely off the rock. The bear has hope now. Maybe she can catch him! No, the stream wants the bear for its own, and it pushes him over until his nose grates against the bottom of the shallow stream. He hears the shriek of the girl, but can only see water and pebbles through his glassy eyes.

A small drop of salt water adds to the stream as the bear weeps soundlessly. He turns around again and can see the sky, but the clouds that were creamy white minutes ago, suddenly look dark and gloomy. His water-logged body drags deeper into the river.

Then the bear hears pounding footsteps. They are much heavier than the little girl’s, but footsteps, none the less. A hand grabs him by the leg and hauls him out of the water. Hanging upside down, he can see the girl’s brother, grinning at him. Then the tear stained face of his girl pops into view. The bear’s heart leaps, and the little girl shrieks; this time in joy – not fear. As she carries her friend back to her house, the bear silently mocks the stream.

I was right, he says,  and the corners of his stitched mouth turn a little higher.

Do you like it? 😀 It’s 1,014 words long.

Thanks for reading!

Megan handwriting copy

I’m done with school for the day! 😛 Yay!

30 thoughts on “Friends Separated {Two Different Perspectives}

      1. Well, ideally, I probably would always work until 5:00, but when I go in the pool, and then out, I sort of stop. 😉 Because, really, who wants to resume schoolwork when you just got out of the pool?



  1. I loved this! You are such an amazing author, this was super interesting and cute! I thought for-sure the teddy bear was lost forever, but when her brother saved him I was relieved, LOL! 😀 Ha-ha! 😀


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