Baby Bunny Photoshoot

Hello all!

Today I have pictures of our baby bunnies! And I will also reveal their names. 😀

The first three have six or seven pictures each, and then the last two just have one picture each… *sheepish grin* I kinda got bored after three bunnies… But I took one or two more of the other two today. 😉

Anyway, enjoy!

Here is Hank. He’s mine. (Well, until we sell them. ;))

Hank (6)HankHank (1)Hank (2)Hank (3)Hank (4)Hank (5)


Next up is Lilac. She is Allison’s. 🙂

LilacLilac (1)Lilac (2)Lilac (3)Lilac (4)Lilac (5)

My mom was holding her and said she was a “deep squish” so now we sometimes call her a “deep sea squish.” XD

And then there’s little Drover, the all white one. This is Jeff’s rabbit.

Drover (6)Drover (5)Drover (4)Drover (3)Drover (2)Drover (1)Drover

Our cousin is going to get Drover for her birthday when he’s old enough.

Higgledy-Piggledy is Logan’s rabbit. Yes, it is an odd name. Look the word higgledy-piggledy up and you’ll know a bit about his personality. 😛

Megan 101 (800x600)

He’s the runt, but he’s terribly cute.

And last, but not least, is Blackberry. She’s Carmen’s.

Megan 122 (800x600)

She was the biggest originally, but now Lilac is a little bigger I think.

The baby bunnies are growing so fast! Look at this comparison of Hank.

day 4 day 21.jpg

Which bunny do you think is the cutest? (Here’s a hint, the answer is Hank. XD)

Megan handwriting copy

I love playing softball. 🙂 I’m not on a team or anything, I just like it. 😉

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