A Day in the Life of Yours Truly

Hello! Here are random photos from through out my day, as well as some narrating from me. 🙂

Megan 062

I fed the rabbits/cuddled with the fuzzy baby bunnies.

Megan 097 (800x600)Megan 098 (800x600)

I gathered eggs. (1,233 eggs, to be exact. XD)

Megan 099 (600x800)

Did chores… :/ 😛

Megan 101 (800x600)

Made quite a few inchworms.

Megan 106 (800x600)

This one is for my friend who, unlike me, likes football much better than baseball. 😛

Megan 108 (800x600)

I listened to music while I made inchworms. 😛

Megan 113 (800x600)

Then my brother and I worked on a ladder ball set we are making. We cut PVC pipe,

Megan 116 (800x600)

and painted golf balls.

Megan 117 (800x600)

We got done with the ladder part! All we need to do is drill holes in the golf balls and put string through them.

After that, I blogged, wrote a letter, and watched a movie with my family while eating pizza. We watched Open Season and… we didn’t really like it. 😛

Thanks for reading!

Megan handwriting copy

I really don’t like gathering eggs. I don’t. Not at all. It’s fairly horrible. XD Just kidding… sort of.

30 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Yours Truly

  1. This was super neat, and sounded really fun! I love bunnies, gathering eggs, writing letters, listening to music, watching movies, lots of fun! 😀


  2. Haha! That’s funny! 😉 Fun to read too!! Looks like Carmen and Logan don’t do many chores.. hm… XD Haha! Just kidding!! 😛 🙂 Wow… and I thought cleaning 6 dozen eggs was a lot…. Actually, I still do.. XD Haha! 😛 🙂 Anyway, fun post! 😀 🙂 The PVC pipe thing looks fun! 😀 But I’m not sure what it is still…


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. 😀
      Yeah, Carmen doesn’t, and Logan had already done some of his! 😛
      Yeah… XD
      Yeah, we finished it! You basically just toss bolas towards a ladder thingy and try to get them to wrap around the rungs.. XD Here’s a picture of a more ‘official’ one. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=what+is+ladder+ball&view=detailv2&&id=62A6B9F3D4885EE9C97FE0C0EF065080D5C457CA&selectedIndex=1&ccid=MBXlYxCi&simid=608010659783051253&thid=OIP.M3015e56310a213a42072ac81782da615o0&ajaxhist=0

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