Maggie Doesn’t Like Baths

Hello everyone!
Maggie does not like baths. At all. She doesn’t like anyone putting anything wet on her, but then when she’s hot she’ll go lie down in the creek.ย Silly dog.

Anyway, a week or two ago Carmen begged us to help her take Maggie a bath. Not that she needed one…

First we tied her to the deck with an elastic-y thingy. Not such a good idea.

Megan 012 (800x600)

Then I gave her a bone to chew on, but she spat it out. I guess she was too nervous. Poor dog. XD

Megan 013 (800x600)

And then there was the HOSE. Oh HORRORS.

Megan 014 (800x600)

Guys. Don’t use elastic-y thingies. They don’t work. Maggie yanked on it slightly, and it gave way. Maybe we could have caught her if there was no place for her to hide, but under our summer kitchen there’s a little space big enough for Maggie. Annoying, right?

Megan 017 (800x600)

Carmen tried to catch her when she came out, but to no avail.

Megan 034 (800x600)

Score one for the dog!

megan handwritten sign off4


26 thoughts on “Maggie Doesn’t Like Baths

  1. Haha! I bet it wasn’t so funny then.. :/ Poor Carmen! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Oh, have you ever heard the saying “Anyone who has never tasted soap, has obviously never tried to wash a dog” XD haha!!!


  2. LOL! Oh my goodness! Maggie is so silly! My dog likes baths, well, she likes the beginning and the end. In the middle she becomes done and sometimes tries to jump out. ;D


  3. Poor Maggie! Or should I say, poor you and Carmen, LOL! Our dog Beorn (pronounced Bay-orn, from the movie “The Hobbit”) doesn’t like baths either, actually I’m not sure if he does now, he probably hasn’t been bathed in a year! But he doesn’t stink or anything, maybe he has very good personal hygiene! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€


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