A Barefoot Gal Blog Survey

Hey y’all! (I used it. I’ve been writing that and backspacing it for weeks, but this time I won’t backspace “y’all” even if I never say it in real life.)

That note just ruined my introduction. Oh well, that’s just life. XD
I made a blog survey. (Big surprise, right? Titles give everything away.)

Link link linkedy link link.

I made it with Typeform. If you want to make a survey, I highly suggest Typeform. You can actually use a fake email address such as 97wq5hyrfsinrheu9dfryeehuciscuf9siyficuyuid@gmail.com. But seeing as you would never remember that, I suggest a slightly simpler one.

Anyway, to make up for the short post, here’s some photography.

MegAN 018 (900x675)MegAN 020 (900x675)MegAN 022 (900x675)MegAN 025 (900x675)MegAN 040 (900x675)MegAN 074 (900x675)MegAN 010 (900x675)MegAN 011 (900x675)MegAN 013 (900x675)

Thanks for reading!

megan handwritten sign off4


29 thoughts on “A Barefoot Gal Blog Survey

  1. I took it! 🙂 As I was scrolling down through the photos, I thought, these are good photos. I like this photo. That’s a pretty photo. And then I saw the last one, and I was like, Aah!! Cute bunny!! 😀

    P.S. A couple weeks ago, I held a cute little baby bunny. It was so adorable!!


  2. The picture of the (Fluffy, might I add) Dog is adorable! (But what fluffy dog wouldn’t be?). Also, I think I have that same paint bottle… 🙂
    I’m planning on taking your survey 🙂 … I feel like a lot of bloggers have been doing them lately!


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