On Smushed Cameras, Dead Sand Dollars, and Corn on the Cob

Here are some very useless, very random facts about me.

I like cold French toast. It’s really good!

My first camera was a small orange camera. I forget what brand it was… I think I got it when I was eight. I have about two pictures from it. One is of our old RV, and it’s not a very good picture. The other is of my brothers on a tractor… But I don’t know what happened to that one. Anyway, I left it outside where it got covered in dew and then run over by a tractor. Poor camera.

I found a live sand dollar last year that our friends bleached for me. He is now hanging up on our nature shelf. They are prettier when they are dead… Sorry sand dollar, but it’s true. They are all greenish black and feel so WEIRD when they are alive.

My first rabbit was named Nibbles. I’m not sure what kind he was. He wasn’t the nicest rabbit, but he didn’t deserve a tragic death like he had. But I’m not going to say it on here, ’cause it’s a tad gruesome.  XD Then I had Rutabaga, then Mango, now Clemmie. 🙂

Yellow is my favorite color.

I stepped on a pitchfork once… That was so painful. Ow. It kinda went through my foot… Yikes! Half of my stories are tragic. The camera got smushed, the sand dollar dies, and the rabbit gets tragically killed by a barn cat… (yeah) And now my foot!

I eat corn on the cob up and down, not around. We have a lot of corn on the cob right now. 🙂

I’m getting four teeth pulled today. (How fun! XD)

I love watching the Olympics. GO TEAM USA!! (Did anyone see Michael Phelps and Le Clos? XD That was hilarious.)

My birthday is soon.

I whistle a lot. Once my parents and my two older siblings were looking for Loons on the lake at a campground, and I came down to join them. My brother said he could tell it was me coming down the path because of the clacking of my camera’s lens cap and my ‘tuneless whistling.’ XD 😛

Ta-da! 11 random facts.

Good day.

megan handwritten sign off4

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