Art Lab Episode 9: Oil Pastel Smudging

oil pastel smudge

Hello world.

This is my first Art Lab post. Thanks for letting me join, Allison and Hayley!

Today I will be showing you Oil Pastel Smudging. All you need is one blank ATC, Oil Pastels, and your fingers or, if you don’t like colored finger tips, a cotton swab.

It works best to draw an animal or vehicle. Don’t do many details, because they wont really show up when you are done.

Megan 061 (1280x960).jpg
So beautiful.😄

Next use your finger (or cotton swab) to smudge the picture. Just press your finger down at the front of your drawing, and pull it to the back. Do this to the whole picture until it is completely smudged.

Megan 063 (1280x960)

I have also made an ATC titled “Speedy Elephant.”

Megan 059 (1280x960)

You can use shapes or blobs and smudge them as well. This is super simple, but I like the result.

Megan 060 (1280x960)



22 thoughts on “Art Lab Episode 9: Oil Pastel Smudging

  1. It’s toward the bottom of the post.
    P.S. You can also use a blending tool for smudging if u don’t like to get your hands dirty. but i prefer to use my fingers.


  2. Awesome! 🙂 I really like the Elephant one.
    We did something like that with some chalk on cement. Draw a car, and then we brush it in one direction with a broom. 😉


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