Rooms Re-Done, Part 2

Hello everyone!

I did part one of this back here, and now I’m here with part two.

My sister already posted about this on her blog, so probably all of you already know about how it looks… *sulks* 😛 Oh well. 🙂

After all the wallpaper was taken off, the walls were plastered and sanded, and we put the primer coat on the walls,we headed to Ace to pick out some paint samples. We brought home tons of them, and finally decided on the “Bon Voyage” color. Then we go to paint! I helped with painting, which is why it looks so great. (JUST KIDDING :P)

Then a few days later, we headed to town to pick out decorations. We went to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target. TJ Maxx was the only store we didn’t get anything at. After five hours of shopping, we headed home with a loaded car.

When we came home we set to arranging things. We still didn’t have everything, but it looked a whole lot better!

Then we went back a few days later to Home Depot to get some more plants and to Walmart to get a few more decorations. (Walmart actually has some good stuff. :P) We got a clock, a little  fountain (okay, that didn’t work, but it was only five dollars!), some canvases, and… oh yes. A lamp. When we put those things in our room, we were done. Except for the canvases I guess, and we made those a few days ago. I made the “toss kindness around like confetti” one, and my sister made the “rejoice always” one.


Here are some of my favorite decorations that we got.

And then pictures of the finished room, of course. 🙂

Megan 031 (800x600)

So there we go! I love our room, it’s so fresh. 🙂 And I like the plants in it too.

51 thoughts on “Rooms Re-Done, Part 2

  1. Hey Megan!
    Please don’t think I’ve forgotten you! I havnen’t been on the net for awhile, but I ove reading your posts, and your room looks so awesome! I have a lamp just like the one you have with all the different shades covering the bulbs, except mine is shades of pink! 😀 Great job! 😀


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