How to Make a Coloring Page

How To Make Your Own Coloring Page

Aloha, Hola, Salut, and so on.

Today, I am going to show you how to make a coloring page out of a drawing. You can just draw something and color it in, but here’s how to make it more professional looking, and this way you can print it out again and again.

Step 1: Draw your picture.

It works well to draw lightly with pencil first. Then after you are satisfied with how it looks, go back over it with a gel pen or some other inky pen. Wait for the ink to dry, then use an eraser to erase the leftover pencil marks. It’s okay if there are a few marks.


Step 2: Scan it or take a picture.

If you have a scanner, scan your picture to your computer. If you don’t, then lay your paper on a few other white papers, making it as flat as you can. Or you could just draw the picture so that it doesn’t take up the whole paper, and then zoom in a bit so it doesn’t show the edges. Upload your picture to the computer.

Coloring Page in PicMonkey.PNG

Step 3: Open it in PicMonkey.

Now that your picture is on the computer, you can go to (<affiliate link) and edit it.


Step 4: Make it Black and White.

If you have Royale PicMonkey, I suggest using Super Black and White on your photo. If not, then just use normal black and white. This makes sure there’s no little colored spots of something or other.

Step 5: Posterize it.

Go to the Posterize option in PicMonkey and click on that. It probably doesn’t look too impressive, but that’s because PicMonkey always sets it at 8 colors. You need to drag the bar all the way to the left until it’s a two colors. Click Apply.

Step 6: Adjust and save.

Normally your photo’s two colors will now be gray and black. To change this, go to the basic settings. Often just clicking Auto Adjust will fix your problems, but sometimes you have to manually adjust the exposure. After this, just save your photo.

Step 7: Print and color!

Ta-da! Now all that’s left is to print your picture out and color it. 🙂 Have fun!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, guys!

Clara showed me a link to this really neat Brown Bear live cam. 🙂

17 thoughts on “How to Make a Coloring Page

  1. YAY! You posted it! 😀 Great job. 🙂
    The bear cam is really cool, isn’t it? 😛 Right now there are two bears. 😀

    -Clara ❤


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