Name That Flower + Caption It

Hey everyone!
I decided it was time for another Name that Flower and Caption It. 🙂 Here are the flowers.

Megan (Flowers, Bunnies) 001 (640x480)


Megan (Flowers, Bunnies) 004 (640x480)

Megan 011 (640x480)

Megan 059 (800x600) (640x480)

And then the photo you get to caption is this:

Megan (Fire, Rabbits, Kittens) 077 (800x600) (640x480).jpg

Have fun! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Name That Flower + Caption It

  1. I have no idea on the flowers! xD For The thing for Maggie..hmm….
    These pokebushes are… POKY!!!! But boy do those pokeyberries taste GOOD!! 🙂
    😛 Haha! Also I love your weekly funny thing and the photo! 😉 😀 😀


  2. Second: Firecracker flowers- I don’t know their real name.
    Third: Purple Lilys
    Fourth: Narcissus Flower


  3. The first flower is a petunia, maybe? I don’t have a very good flower vocabulary! 😛
    My caption for the photo: “What does this smell like? Can I chew on it? Can I eat it? Is this another dog’s territory? Hmmmm . . .”


  4. The yellow one is forsythia? I don’t know the other ones. 😀 As far the caption for the photo … hmm. “These are so good … AAAAAH STICKERS!!!” 😉


  5. can I just make up a caption for the picture and not guess the flowers? oh and do I just put my caption here in the comments?


  6. alright here’s my caption……. Maggie: Ooooo there goes a squirrel it ran right in that bush! Oh there are berries here yum! But I must get that squirrel! But I must eat the berries! Berries…Squirrel…Berries…Squirrel…Berries…Squirrel…BERRIES!!!!!!!!!!


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