Happy (Late) 4th!

Hey there!

So, hopefully all you Americans realized that yesterday was Independence day! But, I am a day late. I’ll just say it this way: Probably not everyone heard about the Declaration of Independence on the fourth, they probably heard about it on the fifth some too.

The Declaration of Indepence is 240 years old. Wow.

Anyway, I have some firework pictures. I was determined not to take too many pictures of fireworks, and I didn’t! But I still got plenty. 😉 First, two edits.

Fourth (800x600).jpg


And the un-edited pictures. I did not have a tripod, thus the blurriness. But the one I meant to be all squiggly, as you could hopefully tell. 😛

This one is the meant-to-be-blurry one.

Aren’t fireworks amazing? 😀


It rained on the fourth. RAINED. I got these pictures on the third. 😉


26 thoughts on “Happy (Late) 4th!

  1. YES FIREWORKS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the pictures of the fireworks at my place!! But unfortunate they were mostly blurred and I didn’t get pics of the big ones. 😦 GREAT PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I love your photos! I took some with my moms phone and won’t get to post them until she emails them to me 😦 LOL Question: how did you change the text on the comments from “please leave a reply” to what you have now?


  3. Those pics were awesome! I LOVE fireworks! 😀 How did you get them to look so good??? I thought getting really good pics of fireworks was hard, LOL! 😉


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