June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

 June was awesome. It was the first of summer vacation, a month where we got to go to our neighbor’s pool whenever, and the month where we had our first campfire of the summer.

In one of the first weeks in June, we went to a river with some friends. The river was extremely cold, but I loved it! We caught a big crayfish and an itty bitty baby crayfish, a small minnow which we put in our tank, and towards the end of the time there, I had fun catching little rainbow trout that swam about in the icy stream. We had our fiftieth nature study there as well.

Something else from June was all the kittens. I normally think of Spring as kitten time, but we discovered several kittens in June. You’ve probably heard about the barn cat named Violet who had kittens, but there was also an adorably fluffy guy we found. We didn’t keep him and I actually only saw him once before he disappeared, but he was so cute and so fluffy.

File Jun 06, 1 52 46 PM.jpeg

And like I said, we swam and we swam and we swam in June.  The water was never very warm because it rained fairly often, but a pool is a pool, and I’m thankful our neighbor lets us use it.

Megan 232 (640x480).jpg

Our Library’s Summer Reading Games started on June 6, so I’ve been reading a lot. (Not that I normally don’t) I’ve re-read some of the Mysterious Benedict Society, some of the Penderwick books, and read a bunch of new ones. So far I have read 23 hours since June sixth.

Not all the memories were fun and easy while I was doing them though, but sometimes you can make the best memories that way. Almost freezing outside in my friend’s treehouse during a sleepover wasn’t the most comfortable, and getting about four hours of sleep wasn’t terrific either. But it was still fun. Helping our grandparent’s move took muscle, but that was fun too.

There were so many other memories in June: playing baseball on a slanted yard with a team of three people (FUN), having club meetings with some friends (Club meetings: terrific chaos and lots of voting, banging on tables, and yelling “DECIDED”), waking up at 7:00 AM to go to youth group, getting new glasses, mulching the garden and flowerbeds, playing Uno with the whole family, taking pictures of the sunset, watching the corn grow huge and tall, picking black raspberries, catching fireflies, playing with our grandpa’s chickens (yes, backyard chickens are so much more fun than 24,000 white chickens), taking all of the wallpaper off of our room’s walls, picking out paint samples, gagging on that horrible plaster stuff the orthodontist puts in your mouth…

And now July. What have you got in store for me? 😀


I’m probably going to sell my McKenna GOTY doll… anybody want to buy her?  😛

30 thoughts on “June’s Greatest Memories {Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge #1}

  1. Wow!! It sounds like June was very exciting for you! I might do something like this sometime 🙂
    O_O MCKENNA?! HOW MUCH?! I’ve been wanting McKenna for an eternity!!! O_O


  2. June sounds like it was super fun for you! All of that talk about swimming makes me want to go swim! XD Awesome post! 😀


  3. 😀 Wow…you already posted yours!! :O I’m SO busy I don’t know if I’ll have time!!! :O 😀 But I hope I can do it…today or tomorrow maybe..? Those are (OBVIOUSLY) my only days to do it though I suppose…*rubs chin* Hmm..? 😛 Hehe!! 😀 🙂 Great job! 🙂 Loved it! 🙂


  4. Cool post, I loved hearing about everything you’ve been up to! Is the plaster the orthodontist use that bad?? I’m having that done in two weeks with my brother! 😦 Hopefully not too bad! 😀


      1. Oh, okay! I didn’t know about that, but I guess I’ll find out how that feels, LOL! 😛 Do you have braces yet? I’ll be getting a whole mouth of braces, a retainer, and headgear! :O I know, crazy huh? 😉 It’ll be all worth it in the end though, right? ❤ 🙂


  5. SWIMMING!!!! 😀 😀 You swam, in June? I would freeze if I swam in June, unless it were an indoor pool. XD Sounds like you had an awesome month! 🙂 I’ll have to do a post like this, although it probably won’t be as interesting as this post. 😉


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