Photo of the Week {6-26-16}

Megan 243 (800x600).jpg

Isn’t the pony adorable?



32 thoughts on “Photo of the Week {6-26-16}

  1. You took that? Neat! 😀 The horse is like “oh brother.” And the pony’s like “whoa WHOA!!! I can’t slow down!! Me wee legs are a bit too short” then he trips over himself..etc. XD 😛 🙂 He’s smaller than the ponies we used to have! 😛 😀 😛 That was pretty funny though… 😛 The horse is pretty too! 😉 xD 😛


      1. xD 😛 yes!
        😛 uh-huh!! 😛 Ours were …small…but not teeny weeny! xD 😛 😀 We sold them! 😉 😛


      2. 😛 Thanks! 😉 😛 Hehe!! 😀 I think I know what the next letter is anyway! 😛 xD Although I don’t know the next blog… *tilts head* I suppose I should go to Janie’s blog…if I can remember what it’s called or where it is… 😮 XD 🙂


  2. That is the CUTEST mini-pony ever!! I have always LOVED mini-horses, and this one beats all with that super adorable head of hair! Are they your horses or did you find this pic on the internet? I sure wish I had a min-horse! 😀 ;D:D


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