Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday Dad took Allison and I out to a mini golf place. I took my camera along, as you can tell by the pictures below. 😛

The balls could go straight into the pond!

I lost… very badly. 😛 Oh well! It was fun!


44 thoughts on “Mini Golf

  1. 😛 😀 🙂 Well…it still looks like fun to me! 😛 So that’s what that picture was! xD 🙂 😛 Hehe!!! 😀
    Oh, nice weekly photo by the way… 😉 (our little inside joke! :D) 😀 😛 XD 😀 Hehe, and the funny thing is hilarious!!! XD 😛 xD
    😀 Nice pictures! I love your ‘mini golf’ picture at the top that I can’t remember what it’s called… 😉 😛 XD

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      1. 😛 😀 xD 🙂
        😛 Yes!!! xD 😀
        Yes! 😛 Well, that’s not the word I was thinking -OOH! The ‘featured image’!!! That’s what I was talkin’ ’bout! xD 😛


      2. Hey there Megan. Sorry for cutting the chat short last night. :/ We went to a play that our friends were in!!! :O 😀 🙂 Anyway, I need your help with something. Whenever you’re available for a bit can you reply? Cause I need you. :/ It has to do with the scavenger blog hunt. Yeeeaaah. I’m stumped at Suzy’s blog. I looked on every page, on the side bars and in other posts, in categories…? Can you give me a hint possibly? Thanks! 😉 😀 I saw in the comments (when I was looking to see if someone had replied to help…yeah) of the scavenger post that you were her ‘assistant’ (XD) soo…I thought I would ask you cause Clara Left I think… :/ 😉 If you can’t reply fer a while that’s fine…just whenever you have time! Thanks! 😉 (wow, this sounds like an answering message or something…) XD 😛 😛 Hehe!!! I have to do chores now. :/ But..yeah. 😀


      3. Ooooooh!!! 😛 okay! I couldn’t remember it! :I I didn’t THINK it was that other one…but …yeah. XD
        THANK YOU!!!


  2. That looked like fun! Min-golf looks fun! I think I tried it once before, but I was so young that I hardly remember, LOL!


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