The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 11}

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Inchy B crept up to Alfred S. All of the other worms were dancing and laughing, but Itchy wasn’t.

“Play ‘Old Inchworms at Home,’ please! It’s one of Itchy’s favorites.’ Inchy B whispered into Alfred’s ear

Alfred pulled out a remote, pressed a button, and a new song started playing. Inchy B saw a smile creep onto Itchy’s face and then she started dancing! She laughed out loud in her big, booming laugh. All of the other inchworms joined in, for Itchy’s laughter was quite contagious. As the inchworms laughed an danced Inchy B noticed glittering stuff slide back into the Bake and towards the Inchworms. Their creative juices were coming back!

Suddenly Albert perked up. “Human is coming! Quick everyone!”

All of the inchworms froze and tried to look hard and stiff.


The Bake cracked open and a hand pulled out the pan. Inchy B quivered slightly from excitement.


The Human put the pan on top of the Bake and pressed the Button. The Bake stopped and the clay creatures went wild with joy, but only on the inside. They stayed still until the Human was far away.


Then all of the inchworms crowded around Inchy B, applauding and laughing. One Inchworm’s pet snail cried for an encore, not knowing what the word meant. His owner shushed him, for no one wanted to go back to the Bake, even if Inchy B would rescue them again.

Inchy B smiled and autographed and smiled and laughed and thought about shaking hands, but then was disappointed when she realized that inchworms don’t have hands.

“Wait a second,” she said. The Inchworms looked at their watches until one second had passed and then they asked Inchy B what she was thinking of.

“Well, I was thinking about all of the inchworms that have been in the Bake and didn’t know how to contain their creative juices. And what about the inchworms that will be baked in the future? Albert, would you mind to go back to the Bake and put a sign up? And bring your boombox into it? I’m going to go find some creative juices.


So Inchy B flew to the Land of Clay Creations. It was good to be back, but Inchy B wasn’t on a pleasure trip. She had to find creative juices. She looked around for any sign of Creativity.


At last she found some colorful scraps. She felt sure that if she mixed this with wet stuff (otherwise known as water) she would have creative juices. She would save the Inchworms, if it was the second to last thing she’d do.

“Because,” she reasoned to herself, “dying is a thing to do. And so if I die after I save the Inchworms, than that will be the last thing I do.”


TA-DA! 😀 Oh, and did anyone notice that I was holding the pan with my bare hand? XD So yeah, I didn’t actually bake them in this photostory, but I did bake Itchy afterwards. 😮 😛

Let me see… I haven’t taken all of the pictures yet, but I think there will be around four more parts! It keeps getting longer. 😛

Thank you guys for reading this photostory! It’s been really fun to write. 🙂

123456 Megan's Grass-letter Signoff

 Casey is making queer little creak meows. XD Her voice is starting to come back a bit… 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 11}

  1. AWW! Tiger, my baby, is always so happy that he can never stop purring to meow. So his meows turn out trilled at the beginning. it’s so cute. Eeeeek! I can’t wait to see how this ends! I love Inchy’s philosophy in the end. So tragically heroically funny!


  2. Nice job!! 😀 I loved this part!! 😀 🙂 😛 And when you said at the end ‘did anyone notice that I was holding it with my bare hand?’, I thought you were going to say that you burned your hand or something! XD XD haha!!! 😛 xD 😛 😀 😛


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