♥Casey the Brave♥

Hello, everyone! 🙂

I have an exciting announcement. A very exciting announcement! A very fuzzy, exciting announcement! Okay, I guess I’ll tell you now…






We have a kitten with us! 😀 Okay, you probably knew that from my poster… 😛 Here’s her story. 🙂

Our neighbor called dad yesterday after supper, and she said there was a kitten meowing in some shed, and it seemed like she was stuck. Carmen, Allison, and I went over there, but we couldn’t see her. We got dad to come check it out. He said she might be up in the attic. I got a ladder and climbed up. I couldn’t see anything. I climbed across the rafters and looked down a hole but I still couldn’t see anything. My little sister, Carmen, found her at last, looking up at her. Then my older sister, Allison crawled up to look. She could see her too. She had fallen down inside of a hollow doorpost that was about eight feet long. Dad got a crowbar to try and pull the wood apart, but that wouldn’t work. Then he got a drill and put on a hole saw. (Here’s a picture of some.) He cut a hole in the wood, but when we tried to reach down to get her, we couldn’t feel anything. Dad got a mirror thing and we found that she had actually crawled up the thing she was stuck in. We prodded her a bit and at last she came back down. Carmen tried to get her, but she hissed and spat (the kitten, not Carmen XD). Dad suggested I get a glove on and get her out. I did, and after a bit of pulling (poor thing) she came out! She was actually really nice and tame once we got her out. We took her home and put her in a box where she slept over night. Her meow lasted just long enough for us to rescue her, and then it wore out.

Right now sitting on my lap like a like a like a proper cat. 🙂 Or not…  ssssssssssssssssssssb21 Hey! You can’t type. 😛  😊 We named her Casey (it means brave 😊).  SHE’S ADORABLE!

Picture time! 🙂

Casey in the hole
Here’s where dad bored a hole. She was in an old parts shed. (My dad took this photo with his phone)
She found a mouse! Oh wait, it’s just a computer mouse. 😛
Playing with Allison’s camera strap.

Casey and wooden toy car
Trying to get the fish…
Here she is, in her little box. 🙂 I just put her back in it and she’s curled up sleeping. ♥

SHE IS SO CUTE. Mom thinks that she’s about six weeks old. We are trying to teach her to drink milk from a bowl, but she doesn’t really like to. 😛

Here’s my last picture for the 7 day nature challenge! 😀 It was fun. 🙂

And I’ll ask K.A. from Cuddly Critters Blog  to do it this time! 😀

I’ll say goodbye now. 😉

123456 Megan's Grass-letter Signoff

You guys have one week left to comment on my Q&A post with questions! 😀 I cannot wait to answer them. 🙂  Oh, I think I might be able to do a Carmen guest post soon. 😀

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