CWWC and AAWC Story

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Today I’ll be showing you my entry for AAWC (Misty’s contest) and CWWC (Loren’s contest). I used the prompts from this CWWC post and from this AWWC post. I included my AWWC team mascot, the eagle.

Whew. Now that all of the capital letters are done, let me explain something. This story has the prompts from the last CWWC (oops, there are some more anonyms :P). I already emailed this to Loren, and then edited it and added AWWC prompts into it. 🙂 Enjoy!

“You must stay away from this.” Zavier told her quietly, shoving the small mirror away from her.

“But why?” she asked, “its just a mirror.”

“Exactly. That’s what makes it so dangerous.”

Mia raised her eyebrows in a puzzled way and stared at him.

“Mirrors are passages to different worlds, and they are guarded by strange creatures. These creatures are called Ferrymen,” he explained.

“And what if I want to get into these ‘different worlds?’ Why can’t I?” she grabbed the mirror again and touched it carefully.

Zavier grabbed it back and strode out the door. Mia yelled at him, running down the stairs after him. He turned into an alley and Mia followed him. When she was closer she made a leap for the mirror. To her astonishment Zavier disappeared and she landed on the pavement, the mirror shattered around her. She slowly lifted her head up and looked at the broken shards of glass. She picked one up in her hand. It turned as cold as ice, and then fiery hot. She dropped it on the ground immediately, sucking her burnt fingers.

“He was right.” She breathed in astonishment.

She stood up, brushing a few pieces of the mirror off of her black dress. She trotted back into the house and up to her room where a full-length mirror stood. She stood in front of it, taping it here, kicking the wood frame, and calling out the name of the creature, the ‘ferrymen’.

“I know Zavier Woodlam, let me in!” she cried angrily. All at once a claw reached out of the mirror, and paused as if asking her to have trust and take hold of the terrifying talons. Mia’s arm shook as she clasped her fingers around the scaly claw. It slowly pulled towards the mirror, slowly and gently. She felt a breeze swirling around her and the mirror faded, as well as everything else in the world she had been in.  The room she had been standing faded away and a new, brightly colored world appeared before her eyes. She felt for some ground beneath her feet, but there was none. She looked down and saw that she was hundreds of feet above the ground. Brilliant blue clouds swirled around her legs and stars shone in the pale blue sky. It certainly was a different world. But what was holding her up?

A deep, gravelly voice spoke. “If you’ll come this way, miss,” it urged politely.

Mia gasped. The ferryman! He came out from behind a dark blue cloud. He had thin arms covered in purple scales. His body looked soft and velvety, not un-like the fur of a mouse. He also had a huge head that resembled a moose head. Mia stared.

“Miss?” asked the Ferryman.

“Oh, oh yes. But, but, how do I walk?”

The ferryman did his best to smile at her (when was the last time you saw a moose smile?) and instead of answering, he pulled her ahead. Mia noticed a small pair of wings behind his fuzzy body. They were beating rapidly and holding the ferryman up in the air. Mia would have expected such a creature to have the wings of an eagle, not this sort of wings.

The ferryman was holding Mia up in the air by holding onto her hand and somehow making her break the laws of gravity. He zoomed through the air like a clumsy, overgrown hummingbird. They flew through hundreds of swirling clouds until at last they came to their destination: a palace covered in creeping vines of ivy and small red flowers. The ferryman landed on a lush carpet of moss that extended to a gem-encrusted throne. On that throne sat Zavier Woodlam, the boy whose name had granted her entrance into this fairytale world.

Mia spluttered, trying to find the words to express her surprise. In the world she had just come from, Zavier was a nobody; a boy living in an alley. In this fairy-tale land he was a rich king. Zavier held up his hand.

“Silence, Mia. I ordered you not to come, why have you?”

“Because you came here, and I wanted to.”

“Of course you wanted to. How Mia-ish,” he grumbled. “Take her away, Hadrian.”

Hadrian, who Mia had just found out was the ferryman’s name, grasped her elbow and marched her back out of the palace. This time instead  taking to the air again he trotted along a small trail until he come to his house, a tiny cottage. He led her into the kitchen where a Ferrywoman, Hadrian’s wife, was cooking up something that smelled delicious. It was thick and cheesy and had small chunks of meat in. When Hadrian asked what it was, his wife told him it was her new recipe, Dead Cow with Cheese. Mia drew back in surprise, and the realized that Dead Cow was merely steak or roast beef. Hadrian stuck a claw in the pot and licked it thoughtfully. Then he turned sharply and beckoned for Mia to follow. She obeyed.

Their next stop was a huge water fall. Big tulip poplars grew around it and a log spanned the river that the fall rushed into. Hadrian grunted in his gravelly voice for Mia to get onto the log. When she got to the middle he threw her a book. She caught it in her arms and looked at the cover: How to Train Your Dragon. Inside there were rules of basic dragon training. There where whistles that attracted Dragons and gestures that where a sort of Dragon Sign Language. She bent over the book, totally absorbed. She tried a few whistles and practiced the gestures. When she looked up to push a curl out of her face a magnificent dragon was sitting in front of her. Curls came out of its head and bent over, brushing it’s nose.  Mia gasped in wonder and reached out her hand to touch it. The dragon nosed her hand happily.

Hours later Hadrian came back to find the two playing among the cool spring waters. Mia’s black dress was soaked and she was laughing at the dragon whose curls sagged with water. Hadrian smiled, satisfied that his Ferryman job was done.


I hope you enjoyed this! I edited it, but I’m su if I spent more time I could make it quite a bit longer. 😉

Thank you for reading!

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