Her Maggersty

How’s everyone doing! 😀

It sure is warm today. Well, warm for us. 😛 It’s in the 80s I think. 😉 Maggie is smiling from all the heat. I love it when she smiles (pants). 😛 I have gotten some various photos of her and I thought you might like to see them. 🙂Presenting, her Maggersty. The cute and adorable Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Fun Fact: Maggie’s official name is Magnolia! 😀 Isn’t that neat?

This is her ‘Scratch Smirk’. She does this when she scratches her ear. 😛


Maggie and Jinx are not fond of each other. At all.


Jinx got away, how sad.


Pondering about the taste of sticks


This is her hiding place. Sometimes if she knows we are going to go somewhere she can’t go (but of course she wants to go there) she’ll go under here so we can’t make her go to her dog kennel. Silly pup. 🙂

Maggie is so sweet! 😀 What’s your favorite dog breed?

meganssignoffdaffodilsAnybody want a free button? I can make one for you. 🙂 Oh, did you see my Currently Reading page? 😀

Random Word of the Day: Bushwhacked

48 thoughts on “Her Maggersty

  1. That’s so cool! I loved the pictures!!! 😀 My favorite breed is-can you guess, WOW YOU GOT IT!!! BORDER COLLIES! xD haha!! 😀 🙂 She’s so beautiful! 😛 And I figured out why Dory (the baby goat) is the cutest!!! Cause she’s so .. ‘Adoryble’ xD Get it!? 😛 Haha!! Gotta go, bye!!! 😀 Loved the pics though!!! 😀 Nice random word toO! 😉


  2. Awww, Maggie is so adorable! I wish she and Maude could meet. 😛
    My favorite breed is definitely Labs! They’re so sweet and gentle and fun. 🙂 I love basset hounds as well! (As you may know 😉 ) 😛

    -Clara ❤


  3. All hail her Maggersty!!!
    Hehe XD ! I love the pictures. My cats do the same thing around my dogs, LOL! 😛


  4. I ❤️ Those pics! So adorable! I especially like the one of him and Jinx. 🙂 golden retrievers are really cute- is have to say they’re my favorite.


  5. Border collies! I love border collies! 🙂 Maggie’s wonderful, too, I’m sure, and she’s really cute; I just have a preference for border collies because my own dog is one, plus they’re a great breed.


  6. Awwwww …. She’s so sweet. Reminds me of our old dog, Majesty ❤
    My favorite breed? Hmm…. I LOVE Golden Retrievers, HUSKIES, and Teacup Puppies! Have you seen those? AGH! THEYRE SO CUTE!!! *dies*


  7. I am really really really sorry, and I hate to do this, but I can’t post my picture till tomorrow, again. There are some really bad storms, and I can’t take my pic. Unless I find something inside, then, I can’t. I am SOOOOOOO sorry!


      1. Thank you! I really hated to do it, but if it is storming, the only time we go out is to the storm shelter when there is a tornado warning. Right now there is a tornado watch. 😁


  8. My dog has a ‘smirk face’ too! XD Bad Jinx! 😀 I LOVE German Shepherds, Border Collies, and Golden Retrievers! (I sometimes like to pretend I’m a telepathic German Shepherd named Willow who travels to other dimensions to meet characters from the show “Psych”! XD )


  9. HA HA HA MY COMPUTER LET ME ON! YES! -happy dance-

    (Did you count my BIBPC thingy? I know it was later than I normally post them, but…. that day…. it was not a happy day….


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