Cherry Tree Photography


In my last post I mentioned that we walked to our grandma’s house to take pictures of her flowering almond. Actually…. I was wrong. We looked it up and it’s really a cherry tree. 😛 Whoops!  But I didn’t put a picture on, I was saving that for this post. 😀 These trees are so pretty. I got a gajillion photos, but I’ve selected just ten to show you. 🙂 MY FAVORITE ONE. I really like this. ↓


megan 006

megan 029

megan 041

Now that is pure bokeh. ↓

megan 040

megan 013

megan 008

The tree has really neat leaves. They have points at the end.

megan 016

megan 019

Here’s my sister taking photos of a flower.

megan 042

Which one was your favorite? Like I said, I really like the first one. 🙂

News time! 😀 I started a new blog. 🙂 You can learn why and what about HERE.

Thanks for looking guys. 😀


36 thoughts on “Cherry Tree Photography

  1. NEAT! I loved those! 😀 Allison looks so focused!!! xD Like me when I take a picture! XD XD 🙂 Hahah!!!!! The bokeh pic made my eyes hurt a bit! XD 😀 🙂 Haha!!! I’ll TOTALLY check out your new blog!! 😀 🙂 I’m SO excited that you started it!!!! Eee!


  2. THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! The first one is perfection!!!! A professional couldn’t take that of an amazing photo!!!!! =D And the bokeh is so pretty :p.


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