BIBPC the Second, Category #2

*Announcer’s voice* And now, for the second category of our popular challenge, the Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest!

*cheers* Thank you, thank you! Let’s see which of the four teams are ahead!

If you don’t see your name beneath your team, then PLEASE tell me! Otherwise that means I haven’t gotten your photo. :[]

team goldfinch

Hayley ~ Check

Rebekah ~ Check

The Girl Upstairs ~ Check

Josie ~ Check

Nabila ~ Check

Genna ~ Check

AddyLover ~ Check

Maddy ~ Check

Rutvi ~ Check

Anika ~ I haven’t gotten your photo, but you just joined today so… 😛

Points: 109

team hummingbird

Misty ~ Check

Clara  ~ Check

Kellyn ~ Check

Samantha ~ Check

Janie ~ Check

Sophia ~ No

wizepuppy ~ No

Lainey ~ Check

Danielle ~No

Nicole (The Secret Life of an Irish Dancer) ~ Check

Points: 90

team kestrel

Heather ~ Check

AnonymousA ~ Check

Katie ~ Check

K.A. ~ Check

Anna ~ Check

Allison ~ Check

Thewritingpegasus ~ Check

C. ~ Check

Bella (from Book Sweet) ~ Check

Puppy99 ~ Check

Points: 120

team seagull

Loren ~ Check

Aria ~ Check

Olivia ~ Check

Megan      (not ME😉 ) ~ No

Christian Homeschooler ~ Check

CutePolarBear ~ Check

Nicole (Girl Meets World) ~ Check

Britt ~ Check

Bella ~ Check

mydollneighboorhood ~ No

Points: 94

Yup. The points can REALLY vary in BIBPC, and people can also get caught up really fast. The average amount of points is probably 12, so if you did your image in time you could get your team 12 more points possibly! 😀

NOTICE! From now on you cannot edit your photo. PLEASE! 😮 😛

NOTICE! From now on you will only get one bonus point if the noticeable bird is not real. And you can’t use the same fake bird in each photo. I told a few of you that last time, but I guess I didn’t make that too clear. 😉

Alright! The next category is below.







And by critters I mean frogs and bugs and not-fuzzy things. 😀 Have fun guys- wait! My example photo is…


There it is! Now it’s your turn. 🙂 Remember, you can get one bonus point for telling how you got the photo and why (please say if you did this) and you can get two bonus points for including a noticeable real bird in your photo (1 point if it’s not real).

Get your photo in BEFORE five o’ clock, April 21st. 🙂

Go on then, get clicking!


Ooh! There’s a cardinal in our flower bed. And some house finches. 🙂 No goldfinches or hummingbirds though. And no Kestrels. Definitely no seagulls! xD  XD


117 thoughts on “BIBPC the Second, Category #2

      1. Yeah. I guess it’s fine. I just couldn’t figure out how to upload the pics from my mom’s phone (her phone is complicated!) But next time I HOPE I can do it. :I


  1. My mom did not let me use the computer, so I could not post it in time. 🙁 And I can’t post it now, cause the picture is on my dads phone, and I can’t email it to me so I can post it. Could I post it a bit late? Maybe if my dad gets home before I go to bed?


  2. Ugh. So I’m too late, Megan? Or does the pic I emailed you still count?? So it’s WAY to late to do a different one? Cause I had another one that I just decided I was definitely going to doo… :/ 😦 But……..?


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