The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 8}

Everyone ready?

This is getting SO exciting! Part nine is going to be great. 😀 I think… 😉

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Inchy B counted them. Inchworms aren’t noted for their counting skills, but she was pretty sure there were around 15 of the worms. They were all very different, there was a chef, a movie character, twins… Inchy B gazed at them in wonder and she felt joy creeping up upon her. She had to get Itchy up here, somehow. She knew that Itchy grew lonely often, and here was all the company she’d ever need!

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Inchy B fluttered to a worm who appeared to be engrossed in a book. When she looked closer though, he was just scanning the same line over and over and over again. Inchy B wondered at this, but then she realized that there are often things that inchworms do not know until they ask, and there was most likely a perfectly good reason why he was doing this.

“Hello!” Inchy B cried out to him.

He looked up, smiling. “Hello. I am Henry,” and then he went back to his reading, if you could even call it that

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Inchy B decided he wasn’t going to be much help, so she inched over to the pale mint-colored chef. He politely offered her a taste of his cookie dough. Inchy B excepted. As you surely know, it is completely impossible for inchworms to get salmonella, so she wasn’t worried in the least.

“How did all of you get up here?” Inchy B asked the chef.

The chef looked as though he was trying to shrug, but he was quite stiff and failed miserably. Inchy B flew away to try someone else.

Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 044 (800x600)

The gardener proved to be even worse. The only thing she could do was recite herbs and their uses over and over.

What a lot of ignorant worms, Inchy B thought, slightly annoyed.

Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 045 (800x600)

At last she came to a magician.

“Can you help me, sir?” she asked, “I was wondering why all of you are so ignorant, and also how you came to The Nightstand.”

The magician smiled at her and said, “That is a question for Professor Crumbles.” Then he waved his wand.

Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 047 (800x600)

A blur streaked down from our of nowhere.

“It’s my invisible string,” the magician whispered to Inchy B. Then to the Prffeser, “this young lady is wondering why we are so ‘ignorant’.”

Megan (Photogrpahy, bunnies, farm) 048 (800x600)

The worm adjusted his glasses nervously.

“It’s The Bake! THE BAKE! IT WILL GET YOU FOR SURE!” he yelled at her, his eyes wide with fear.

Inchy B gulped and looked to the magician for a better explanation.

“The Bake makes everything that goes in it stiff and ingnorant. Every sticky piece of clay goes in there, and comes back out in a tragic condition.

Itchy. Itchy will be going to THE BAKE! Inchy B thought wildly.

Megan 067.JPG

Inchy B screamed and fainted. All the earthworms  clustered around her, nervously taking and hushed voices. Well, Henry was still reading and the Baby wasn’t interested.

Dun-dun-dun! 😀

Ahhh! The next one is going to be SO MUCH FUN! 🙂

Thanks for reading my series, guys!


Two more days until BIBPC guys. TWO MORE DAYS. 😮 o_O  By the way, have you seen my Weekly GIF? 😛 ALSO, I made a page that has all of my Farm Life posts in. 🙂

46 thoughts on “The Adventures of Inchy B {Part 8}

  1. Oh no! I watched the GIF. (over and over again :P) What happened to Lily?? Did the cat pounce on her?



    1. xD Clemmie (it’s actually Clemmie, not Lily. xD) was just sitting there, muching away and Coffee Bean (who must have eaten some of his namesake :P) pounced on her! But she ran away, and Coffee Bean was just playing. 😉


  2. Neat! AAA! The BAKE! WATCH OUT! XD XD Haha! 😛 🙂 Loved this one! 😛 But did you know that instead of inchworms at the last part, you put ‘earthworms’???? 😛 😀 XD I loved the GIF! How funny! 😛 XD Hilarious caption as well! 😛


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