Book Review: Anne of Ingleside


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Hey guys! I was supposed to write a review for school, so I thought why not post it on here? 😀 I wrote this a while ago. 😉

Title: Anne of Ingleside (Book #6 of the Anne of Green Gables Series)

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Published: 1939

Number of Pages: 277

Genre: Novel

Summary: Anne is now living at Ingleside with Gilbert, their five, soon to be six, children and Susan Baker, their faithful handmaiden for fifteen years. The children come upon many adventures and mishaps including a ‘GLOOMY HOUSE’, a new baby sister, and a journey of six miles alone in the night.


Anne of Ingleside is the sixth book in the Anne of Green Gables series, but in my opinion, it is one of the best. This book covers the childhood of Anne’s six children: Jem, Walter, Nan and Di, Shirley, and Rilla and all their mischief and mistakes. All of their stories are very cleverly told and it is hard to set this book down in the middle of a chapter.

L. M. Montgomery wrote the book in the point of view from both Anne and her children. While they don’t actually narrate the story, they each have their own chapters that tell about the adventures in a way that makes you sympathize with the children.

There is no real main character- there is not even a huge plot- but it is just as interesting as any other book with a full plot. Really all the author wants is to tell about the children, sometimes stringing in larger parts that involve all of them, and sometimes just giving each child its own problem. They usually come to their beloved mother (Anne) with their problems and Anne will tell them what to do next time.

I believe the author meant to write about Anne’s children in sort the same style she wrote about Anne herself in the first book. And I think she did that very well. The writing is not hard at all to read, but it still is a very good book. She does sometimes spend a bit too much time on topics that are not quite so interesting as others, but the way she tells things makes it worth reading every part.

I think Anne of Ingleside is one of my favorite books and I highly recommend reading it. Of course you should read the five books before it, but do not stop after the first one or you will miss many lovely stories.

That was a little harder than I thought it might be! Did you enjoy this review? Have you read any of the Anne books?

Goodbye for now!



What book are you reading currently? 😀

59 thoughts on “Book Review: Anne of Ingleside

  1. Awesome review Megan! I really want to read the Anne of Green Gables series, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. 😛


  2. Neat! Maybe I should try them… 😕 🙂 I really like your newest GIF too!! It’s so neat! I Love how the one turns slightly as they keep going! XD Hehe! 😛 😛 🙂


      1. Hehe! That’s alright! Maybe I will…although I really like lots of Action in my books most of the time, not that I love violence or killing, just that I like the ones that you feel like you’re REALLY in the STORY!!!!!! :O That’s what Ranger’s apprentice is! 😉


  3. That was a very good review! Yup…reviews are hard. I love the Anne books; have you read them all? My favorite is Rilla of Ingleside (of which I have been said to be like) and I actually wrote a report on it on my blog here! –>
    Have you read the Emily series as well? And also, as you are a bunny fanatic, have you read The Green Ember? (It is not by Montgomery.)


    1. Wow, thank you!
      Yes, especially when you have to do it in a certain format, not just ‘My Thoughts on This Book.’ 😛
      Oh, I didn’t know you did a review on Rilla of Ingleside! I’ll have to check it out. 😉
      Ohh, the Green Ember sounds good! 😀 I’ve read a bit of the Emily series. 😀


  4. I haven’t finished the Anne books, but I really should! Right now I am reading The Scarlet Letter. It’s for school. 😉



  5. I read Anne of Ingleside, and I think it’s a great book, too! 😀 Very fun and entertaining. 😉
    Right now I am reading Ben-Hur, which is actually a very good and interesting book. It’s very large, but I like large books if they’re good books. 😉
    ~Christian Homeschooler


    1. Ooh! Neat. 😀
      Yup, it is. 😉
      Hmm… sounds interesting! 😀 YES! I love big books too, then you don’t have to worry about what you are going to read next. XD Unfortunately, if they are too interesting I can read five hundred pages in a day, then I’m stranded with no book. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I know! 😀 Have you read any of the RedWall books? They’re so large, but also extremely good books.
        LOL! Well, that can happen too. I don’t usually do that unless I’m reading on a trip. 🙂
        ~Christian Homeschooler


  6. I have read all of the Anne books. 🙂 Though not my favorite series (sometimes Anne annoys me … especially when she takes so long to realize how awesome Gilbert is … and then even longer to realize she loves her), I really enjoyed them. 🙂


  7. No, I haven’t read any of the Anne books, but I think I want to, now! 🙂 Right now I’m reading The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton. Thanks for sharing this book review! 😀


  8. I read the Anne books for school. I personally prefer the original book. Right now I’m re-reading Keeper of the Lost Cities, and want to read Bite-Sized Magic by Kathryn Littlewood.


  9. This was a great review, Megan! Yep, I almost finished re-reading the Anne series and I love then! Another book I’m currently reading is “The Mysterious Benedict Society.” I really like it so far!


  10. Great job Megan! I just finished reading Anne of Ingleside a few weeks ago. The whole series are great! Right now I am reading a book called The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. I like that one as well:)


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