Maggie’s Thoughts on Life

I realized that poor Maggie has no post that she has ‘written’. 😮 So here we go, enjoy!

Hello. I am Maggie, a Yellow Lab. I like lots of things!


One of my favorite things to do is play with really big balls. Sometimes my owners will get out a huge ball and roll it around in the grass. Then I bark at it and try to get it in my mouth. Have you ever tried to eat a big ball? Soccer balls are hard enough, but big balls are impossible. My owners don’t like it very much when I bite balls, but it is quite hard to resist!

Another thing I like is eating treats. A few days ago Megan made me some treats. She gave me one and I put it in my mouth, but then I spit it out. I couldn’t chew it! Then I got another one and I made a discovery, you had to crunch them!  They are very good when you do crunch them.

There is something that I want to have very badly. I want a rabbit. Rabbits looks so yummy.. er… fun! I don’t see why I can’t have one if the humans can. There is one rabbit that is very large and chubby. They call her Lily, but I think they should call her Tulip. She looks more like a tulip because she is big and round. But the humans don’t let me in the bunny pen. I just have to stay outside and look pitiful. Once or twice I got in! I got a rabbit in my mouth, but I didn’t actually put my teeth on it. Did you know that rabbits scream very loudly when they are scared or hurt? It is quite fun to hear them, but when I did that the humans got terribly mad at me and wouldn’t play with me for a while. So I try to resist the urge.

Sometimes I have to go in the Kennel. That is my dog cage. I usually go here when the bunnies are taking walks in the yard. Sometimes they stay outside for a long time. I usually sleep in my kennel, unless the rabbits are close to me. Then I jump up on the kennel walls and whine. The owners don’t like this very much. Although usually I forgive them when they get mad. Isn’t that very nice of me?

I am very glad that I am a farm dog. When I was a pup I was a farm dog, so it would have been sad if I was taken to a town. Farm dogs can run about and go on walks and eat dead pigeons. That is why it is great to be a farm dog.

And now here are some photos, Maggie captioned them. 😛

1maggie.jpg 2maggie.jpg

3maggie.jpg 4maggie.jpg



hi. bye.


47 thoughts on “Maggie’s Thoughts on Life

      1. BTW, Aggie sent a letter to Maggie in the mail…sooooo…it actually may have been SLIGHTLY the same as that comment, just so you know! 😉


  1. Uhh…hi. K.A told me that I should write this…bye- what was that K.A? You want me to tell her what I thought of the post? Oh! You mean that creature was a DOG!?!? I thought all dogs were black and white!!! (K.A: Sorry Maggie, that’s Aggie talking…she didn’t really introduce herself. “AHEM!…?” ) Oh yes, hello Maggie..I’m Aggie. 😮 Well, here’s what I thought of the post! 😉 !!!
    I don’t like it when the human-I call her by her name-gets mad. But I always forgive her too. But she doesn’t get mad often because I’m a good dog-unlike you apperent- “Aggie” K.A says, “Don’t go there, I’ve told you ‘Bad dog’ PLENTY of times.” 😡 😉 😕 >:D XD .
    What is a rabbit? I don’t know what a rabbit is.. Wait…….are those those things that hop around?? The brown things with white tails?? One once tried to get in my pen and I-(K.A: Aggie, you probably shouldn’t tell that story) Oh, OK. And the other thing you talked about….Oh yes, the dog treats! K.A gives me dog treats too! I buried them the first time! I like them now though!! I bury just about everything I find! 😉 It’s lots of fun! Once K.A let me out to play while she fixed a trailer with her dad and he ended up selling it to this guy and bought a-(Aggie, you were talking about Dog treats, not the trailer. 😐 *Sighs* “Oh, Aggie…”) OOOOOH YES!!!!! ANY WAY, while she was doing that…ooh, I like that letter: ttttt T T T !!! (AGGIE!) Oh, right.. and I buried at least 4 things!!! Plus K.A is teaching me a new trick…at least I think that’s what it is, she does something with her hands…hmm. OH!!…by the way, did you know that I’m the smartest dog in the world(Aggie, you’re the smartest BREED, not the smartest DOG) Oh, right, same thing though. (*Clears throat and covers face with hand*) What!?! Sorry, Maggie, K.A is getting annoyed…ANY WAY, as I was SAYING, before K.A INTERRUPTED!!! 😡 😉 …I’m the smartest dog- I mean the smartest dog BREED in the world and you’re NOT! HA! (Aggie, that was very rude, now say your sorry!) But! (AGGIE!!? Ugh!) I’m sorry, Maggie…I’m sorry that you’re not the smartest breed and that I a- (AGGIE RENAE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE TERRIBLE!!! And just so you know Maggie, I think that you’re VERY cute and probably very smart too, no matter WHAT my ‘dear’ Aggie says. Aggie, let’s go…NOW) Sorry, Maggie, K.A is making me go. I DID enjoy this post though…sort of, I mean it’s OK, for not being written by me- K.A here again, sorry Maggie for Aggie’s inappropriateness…we’ll be … ahem, going now! (K.A: Come ON , Aggie!!! Out the door!!!!!! When was the last time you brushed your teeth by the way!?!?! Aggie: Well, actually it was when- K.A: that was a rhetorical question!!!!!)
    Bye!!! Bye!!! XD
    ~K.A~ (and MEEEE! Aggie here, Signing off…sort of..)
    D.P. (That stands for dirty paws, get it!!? XD Ha!) …what was I going to say?? Oh yes! I was going to say that another one of my favorite chew toys *K.A: Glares at my dog* – I mean, play mates- are the things called chickens!! Yes! Have you ever seen one of those? Bye, now!! 🙂 And K.A, you really should put a picture of ME on your comment pic thingy, not of that brown beast you call a horse. He’s- K.A: NO! You aren’t going to insult my HORSE, AGGIE!!!
    P.S, I hope this wasn’t TOO bad to read. 😉 Tell me, Megan, what you think! 😉 This is K.A writing again, by the way! 😉 XD XD XD HEHE! XD On a scale of 1-10, how funny did you think this comment was and how much did you enjoy it?! XD I loved this post, by the way! 😉 !!!!!!!! XD XD XD
    ~K.A~, Again. 😉 XD 😛 Wow,…this is really long…. 😉 XD 😕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD XD XD
      Aggie, this was SO FUNNY! I rate it a 9 and 1/2! 😛 Maggie says I can’t rate it any higher. She says to tell AGGIE that she’s the seventh smartest breed, and seven is the number on seven eleven… Maggie, that didn’t make sense.
      Oh well. XD

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      1. XD XD Heheeheheheh! 😛 😛 😛 :_ XD 🙂 🙂 Ya! HAHAH! XD 😛 XD Hehe! 😛 XD Hehe! 😛 😛 😛 🙂 Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! Mee too- Aggie, I thought I told you to go to your pen!!! You’re in time out!!! Aggie: “But I…I!!” XD XD I should do like a post some time with me talking to Aggie, more like…Arguing with her! XD Just so you know, Aggie’s not this bratty seeming At ALL in real life! 😉 😛 She’s very sweet. Aggie: Yes, I am!!
        AGGIE!!!!!! UGH! You’re hopeless. 😡 😐 this is actually about the face I just made:: >:| Hehe! 😛 🙂 😛 🙂 Aggie, you’re grounded now too. “That’s fine with me. It’s not like I really WENT anywhere anyway.” Aggie, don’t talk back to me!!! XD XD ” I’d better go eat supper! 😉 😛 You should too, AGGIE. Bye Megan, and Maggie!! 🙂 😛 XD


      2. In reply to Maggie, Aggie says: oh…well, I didn’t know that you were the seventh smartest… seven eleven…I’ve heard of that… it’s a cool story, you’re right. But one is also like won! Like I won! And Megan, that DOES make sense!! Just like one is like therles one also!! ( Uh, Aggie!? XD ) Soo…yes …. I’m sorry, Maggie..I guess I shouldn’t run to illusions. K.A: Aggie, I think that you meant ‘jump to conclusions’, not ‘run to illusions’. 😉 XD Aggie: But I don’t jump, I run, and what is a- K.A: Aggie, it’s just an expression. 😉
        ~ XD XD XD 😛 🙂 K.A~~~
        D.P. I like the color of your fur, LOL. K.A: Aggie,I think you meant BTW, not Lol, that means Laughing out loud. *Rolls eyes* Aggie: Oh yeah, right.


      3. XD XD Hehe! 😛 😛 Thanks! XD 🙂 It’s actually a lot of fun to have a conversation with yourself-I mean, with your dog! XD XD


  2. Maggie, you are one very smart, very funny dog! This really made me smile. (Actually, Maggie, when I was reading it I looked like this: :D)
    By the way, Maggie, my dog Gracie wanted to ask you a question: do you like eating bread? 😉


  3. From The Girl Upstairs’ dog:
    Why, hello Maggie! Ah yes, rabbits are quite yummy…er…as you said, fun. The Girl Upstairs has one named April, and I love to chase her around, but she isn’t very fun when she hops up into her house.
    Rolling in the grass and licking clicky camera things are my favorite!
    XOXO, Ruth

    From The Girl Upstairs:
    Phew! I finally got my dog, Ruth, off the keyboard. She can get quite carried away. 😉
    I loved hearing Maggie’s thoughts on life – they’re quite funny. 😀 😛 XD


  4. That was so cute! And I LOVED the captioned pictures. The one of Maggie sniffing the calf was especially cute. How did you get her to do that without chasing the calf?! (Well, you’re sitting right beside me, so I guess I could ask you but… XD XD )


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