Jamie Gillest ~ Chapter 8

megan 057

And everyone asks, ‘what on earth is Jamie Gillset??

Hehe. Heh. Ho. Hum. Oh dear.

I’m guessing a lot of you don’t remember the last chapter, and if I’m right, you’ll need to go HERE to see the chapters I have written so far. But then come back, because I haven’t added this chapter to there yet. 😉

Whew! After all that explaining, I think I’m ready to start. Here we go!


       “So, since you were going to the waterfall before you bumped into me, would you like it if I took you there?”  Jessica was washing the plates in the basin of water.

“Ooh! That sounds great!”  Jamie loved waterfalls.  Actually, she liked everything about water.  That was why she liked summer best of the seasons, because you could play with water all you wanted.

“That’s great! I need a new supply of fresh water anyway.”

Jamie helped Jessica dry the plates and put them away. Then Jessica got a big blue barrel thing that was on wheels and lifted it out of the trap door.

“This is to carry my water in.  I found it at a farm store in town and got two of them.  I leave one here to use for other things and then I take the other to get the water.  It works pretty good!” Jessica said.

They started their walk down to the river.  They passed the spot where they had picked berries earlier, a big hollow tree that had some emergency supplies in it that Jessica had stored away, and a poison ivy patch that they stayed far away from.

“It wouldn’t be too bad though.” Jessica told Jamie, “because we could wash our legs off in the stream and it probably wouldn’t itch.”

In about twenty minutes they arrived at a river.  It was a small river  Jamie would have called it a stream because it was only about five feet wide.   The waterfall was also small, but it was big enough for Jamie. Many little streams poured into puddles on the ledges on the waterfall and then back down into the river. Moss and a few flowers were growing on rocks.

“Do you want to stick your feet in?” Jessica asked.

Jamie untied her shoes and stuffed her socks into them.  She slipped her feet into the water.

“Brr!” Jamie immediately took them back out. “Wow that’s cold!”

“It feels good up in that little pool on the waterfall.”  Jessica said, pointing the spot the little waterfalls poured into.

“Yeah, but how do you get up there?”

Jessica started climbing up the bank beside the waterfall.  “Like this!” she said.

“Wait for me!”  Jamie was already putting on her tennis shoes.

She climbed up the bank until she got to Jessica.  Then they both climbed up until they were right across from the pool.  They climbed over and sat down on a fairly dry rock.

“Now put your feet in the water!”  Jessica said.

Jamie did.  It was a lot warmer than the moving water, but still pretty cold.

After they had sat there a while Jessica walked over to a boulder and got a fishing rod that had been behind it.

“Have you ever gone fishing?” She asked Jamie.

“No! I haven’t.” Jamie’s father loved to fish, but strangely, she had never gone with him on his fishing trips.

“I will catch a few, and then I’ll show you how, sound good?”

“Yeah, that sounds great!”

“But first we need to further up stream until we get to the pond, there are millions of fish over there!” Jessica stuck her fishing rod in the barrel-on-wheels and nodded to Jamie.

It isn’t very far,” she said. “Just about a five minute walk.

It was actually seven minutes according to Jamie’s watch, but she didn’t say anything.

Jessica picked up a medium sized rock and set it aside. She proceeded to pick up the three fat worms that lay wriggling underneath.

“What are those for?” asked Jamie.

Jessica looked at Jamie, almost in horror.

“You mean you don’t know?!” she asked.

“N-no, should I?” Jamie felt like a dunce, but she really didn’t know what the worms were for.

“Sorry,” Jessica looked a little embarrassed at herself. “I guess since you haven’t ever gone fishing, you probably wouldn’t know.”

“I don’t.”

“I use worms for fishing! I just poke them onto my hook, and the fish gobble them right up, along with my hook of course.”

“Eww! You mean to say that you just kill those poor worms?”

Jamie knew she shouldn’t have said that.

“People have to eat!! If animals didn’t die, then we would never eat!”

“We could be vegetarians.” Jamie could have slapped herself.  She had just gotten to know Jessica three hours ago and here she was, trying to pick a fight.

“Yeah, we could. But we don’t have to! We are allowed to eat animals, for gracious sakes! And are you telling me you are more worried about the worm than the fish?” Jessica was really ticked off.

“Sorry, I guess you’re right.”

Jessica mumbled something and went on picking up rocks and scooping up the worms.

Did you enjoy it? I haven’t edited thoroughly yet, so it’s not the most wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for reading it anyway!


Do you have a favorite temperature? Mine is 73 F, which is around 22 degrees Celsius I think…. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Jamie Gillest ~ Chapter 8

  1. YAY! I’m glad you continued this story, Megan! It’s really good! I can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

    -Clara ❤
    P.S: My favorite temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit… perfect! 😛


      1. 😛 🙂 You’re welcome! Ooh, yes! Same here! Or when it’s JUST hot enough to ride horses into the pasture to play in the creek and find poky turtles that you think are dead, but aren’t and try to pick them up, and their shell sags and you get strange pics and…whoops, I didn’t mean to get that detailed … Hehe! XD XD 😛 Okay, let me rephrase that: I like it when the temperature is right to play in water! XD 😛 Was that better? And yes, that actually did happen! 😉 😮


      2. XD Hehehehe! XD XD 😛 😛 🙂 We found an…eastern spiny..I think that’s what they’re called! 😉 😛 It had pokies on the back of it’s neck and head! And I think it was a soft-shell, because when my sister picked it up, the shell litterally looked like a wet gram cracker! XD Wet cardboard…it just sagged!!!! Then she put it back in the water, and boom! It was normal again!!! it was also REALLY big!!!! 🙂 🙂 😛 For a water turtle! XD Hehe, I just wrote turtly! XD XD 😛 b


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