Of Horses and Roses

A while back I went to a stable with my friend and my sister and we went horse-back riding. Here are some photos!

Megan (stables, clouds) 021 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 059Megan (stables, clouds) 030 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 032 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 033 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 036 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 043 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 050 (1280x960)Megan (stables, clouds) 051 (1280x960)

The last three photos are of the horse I rode, Bo.

Bonus photo! There were some goats on a little board thing and one goat laid down basically on it! As you can see, there was a very impatient goat. XD He really is putting his hoof on the other goat!

Megan (stables, clouds) 025 (1280x960).jpg

Now for the Rose part. My dad got my mom a Valentine’s bouquet and I took million (well… fifty) of photos of it. Here’s a slideshow! 😀

Don’t worry, you don’t have to look at them all. XD



You know that Pusheen cat GIF I put on my giveaway post? It’s her birthday today! XD


11 thoughts on “Of Horses and Roses

  1. The goat picture is hilarious! XD XD And your rose pictures are pretty too! (I like the lily pictures – I didn’t get many of those, although I got tons of rose photos too.) (In case you are wondering, people who read this comment, I am Megan’s sister) 🙂


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