Pet Life Lately

I feel in the mood for something more…. Hmm. Animalish? Funnyish? Yeah, those kind of word the spell check doesn’t like. :/ XD Here are some words from Jinx about life lately. He may have made just a few typos, but he was very excited to tell you something.

JINX (Cat)

Oh, my dear readers, how funny it is for you to think that I should stoop so low as to tell you about my life, lately or not. Goodby.

Well so much for him, lets try our dog, Magg-

Waaiit! I will talk, but only because some readers have cats. If I find out that you have not shown your cat my post, there will be SERIOUS consequences. 

One thing that I’m sure all my fellow cats will find interesting is mice. Those nasty creatures that most big mom humans hate. Anyway, I took pity on the poor mom human (and dad human) and decided to try to catch it for her. I was very patient. I sat on the kitchen rug nearby the place the mouse stayed for hours! Really, I’m not lying. Of course I would never lie, I’m far too amazing and kind for that.

Back to the story though. As I was saying I waited for hours they all thought it was very amazing that I would do this, but I don’t see why. I am such a good, nice, grashious cat that they shouldn’t have been surprised at all! 

It had been a few days when since I started this, and I had seen the sly little brat a few times, but hadn’t caught him yet. Of course you must understand that this was just so I could have some fun, I could have torn the stove that he scampered under right out of the wall if I wished!

This is what happens if you try to make humans understand,  you keep getting sidetraked. Bad humans.

I had waited long enough, and when that little scamp showed his face I pounced! There was a great skittering, attracting the Megan and the mom human. I had got the mouse!

The mouse did not last long and I went back to the stove to mourn that I now had nothing left to do. But what did I smell? More mouse! Yes, another one! I caught it in the evening and everybody was so proud of me. I am very amazing.

I think there is still one more, so I shall wait to get it. Thank you CATS for reading this. Go away know, only Megan is left and I’m sure whatever she has to say will be very boring. Although there actually is two photos of me down below that I’m sure you will love. They are of me waiting and of me catching. The catching one is intensely blurry…

DSCN2400.JPG           DSCN2401.JPG

Hmm. Such a kind kitty, eh? 😛

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! This isn’t my weekly GIF, but here you go! 😀 (2).gif

Does anyone want to see somewhere around fifty pictures of roses (put into collages, of course)??? 😛

Megan signsoff hearts

You guys have three guesses as what to the Weekly GIF will be. Will it be Cat, Bunny, or ME? 🙂

32 thoughts on “Pet Life Lately

  1. This was very funny, oh mighty Jinx. XD (He’s going to be really mad about that, I suppose. 😀 ) Your GIF is pretty! I guess the next GIF will be about a cat. Or maybe you?… 🙂


  2. That was great Jinx…and Megan! XD 😛 I enjoy reading Megan’s ‘boring’ things!!!I don’t think they’re boring…AT ALL!!! 😛 XD (Actually..I thought that you’re writing was more boring than hers…just kidding! XD ) I think that the GIF will be either,
    All three
    or YOU!!!!
    POSSIBLY bunnies..> 😉 😕 :/ XD 😀


      1. 😛 XD XD Hehehehehehe!!!!! XD 😉 Tell him, that I ‘thought it was only a LITTLE boring, and that he just needs to try to talk about HUMAN stuff next time he wants HUMANS to not be bored! XD 😛 ‘ XD Then tell him that THAT time, I was only have kidding!!! 😀


  3. Sorry Jinx…I don’t have a cat, so I can’t show him this post. 😦 But my dog has caught a mouse once…does she count? 😉
    And by the way, way to go on catching those mice! I always knew you could do it. 😉


  4. Jinx is hilarious! I’ll be sure to show this post to one of my cats, so I don’t have to face the consequences. XD Happy Valentines Day! ❤


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