My WordCrafters Chapter

Allison and Josie created WordCrafters and its my turn now! You can go to this page to see all the chapters so far. 🙂

Here is my chapter. I mixed a bunch more fairytales into this one! 😀 I linked to myself just so that Allison wouldn’t have to. 😉

Chapter 11 by Megan

Alalia was closing her eyes when she dropped onto a hard surface. She heard a groan from Jacob and opened her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him.

“Can’t you see? This must be Cinderella’s Prince’s castle. Look! There’s a shoe!”

He was right. A huge white castle stretched up into the night sky. We were on the steps where a dainty glass slipper lay.

“Shh, get behind this pillar, I hear something!” she motioned to Jacob.

Alalia expected to see the prince come down the stairs, but instead there was a tall young man with crossed legs. He was riding on a… magic carpet?

“Phew!” Jacob whispered, “At least he’s not totally princess-y!”

Aladdin, at least she assumed that’s who he was, flew down to the glass slipper. He picked it up tenderly and gazed at it. Except he didn’t exactly gaze at the slipper itself. It was more like he gazed at something inside the slipper. Next he did something that surprised them both. He took the shoe and shook it above his hand. Out spilled a bean- a bean shimmering with glitter and glistening with beautiful rainbow colors. He took the seed and carefully placed it on the ground.

“Bippity-boppity-BOO!” he cried.

Immediately a plant sprung up. Jacob gave a shout of surprise and Aladdin whirled around. Alalia froze.

“Don’t worry,” he said kindly, “come with me. Pinocchio has given me this magical bean that will transport you into another world!”

Alalia drew in her breath. Is this ‘other world’… our world? She wondered. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was another crazy world?

“I’d rather not,” she told him politely.

Jacob stared at her and whispered, “Alalia, earth! It could be earth! Our world!”

Alalia gave in. She had no idea how she would get back to her parents. If there was a possible way, she would most definitely take it.

“Okay, I’ll come. But are you sure you will be able to take us back to this place if we want to?”

“Not sure,” Aladdin said, grinning at her, “but Pinocchio’s nose didn’t grow when he said that this,” he held out a fluorescent pink bean, “would take me back to his house. So I’m not sure, I’m positive.”

As he spoke a flower began to bloom. It was a beautiful purple flower that looked very familiar to Alalia. Then she realized why. It was one of the flowers that had been growing at the edge of the cave. She was sure that this would take her back!

Aladdin told Jacob and Alalia to climb onto the magic carpet. Thankfully it was a large one and they all fit quite well.

“Totally cool, dude!” Aladdin yelled. Then to us, “those are the magic words.”

A green mist surrounded them. Alalia heard birds singing as they tumbled onto lush green grass.

I hope you liked this! It’s your turn now, Chaespeedreader. 🙂

I forgot to do day three of the quote challenge yesterday, so here it is now! 😀

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

– Winnie the Pooh

Hehe! This one is so cute and pooh-like. 🙂

Here are my last nominees. 😀



Christian Homeschooler

Here is a bonus picture of the horse I rode when I went horse-back riding on Tuesday!

Megan (stables, clouds) 043.JPG

Bye everyone! 😀

For photo of the week I’ll put another photo of a random horse that was really pretty. 🙂

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