The Adventures of Inchy B {Pt. 1}


The main character will be a polymer clay inchworm. I hope you enjoy part one! 😀

At the very start it could only feel. It felt itself being squished by strong fingers, rolled between two sweaty palms, and bent into some shape.

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 083.JPG

And then it could see. There were two pokes and the world – or at least the room it was in – showed up, just like it was opening its eyes after a good night’s sleep.

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 084.JPG

It wanted to move around, but it was scared at the thing in front of it. A-a ‘A Human. A she human,’ something inside of it said. The Human slashed a knife across its back, making segments. This strangely didn’t even hardly feel.

When the Human left it saw a creature with polka dots behind it. It inched over to the creature. Then it heard something. Hearing was an odd experience, not at all easy to explain. The sound echoed around inside of its head.

“He…llo…there…” this is what the sound said. It came from the polka dotted creature. Then there was more sound, this time very clear. The creature said this while rubbing itself on the ground.

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 086.JPG

“Can you hear me? Who are you? Can you talk, dear?” Another voice spoke in it’s head, “Mouth, mouth!” But what was a mouth?

“H-hi,” it jumped at the sound of its voice. But then it sprung forward with great energy.

“I don’t think I have a name, and I’ve never seen my self. Are you an inchworm? Something inside me says you are. This is talking, right? Yeah, I  can talk. It’s so much fun! What is your name?”

“First, dear, please give me something to scratch on, then I’ll explain.” It crawled off the tile it was on to look for a ‘something.’

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 087.JPG

As it dragged it back up on the tile the inchworm answered some questions.

“My name is Miss Itchworm, but I’d love it if you could just call me Itchy. And yes, you were talking there, very good, hun! Now, we must get you a name.”

It dragged the tool up to Itchy.

“Couldn’t I be named Inchy? Am I an Inchworm?”

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 089.JPG

“Ahh, much better, thanks girl! No, Inchy is too much like Itchy. I have it! How ’bout… Inchy B?” Itchy seemed very proud of herself for figuring out a name.

“That would be great. Thank you ma’am. But I want spots like you!”

“Spots like me? No dear, you do not want these spots. I know the Human did a bad job of it, but these rascals are chicken pox. Rather itchy. But if you want, you can make yourself an Accessory,” she acted as if an Accessory was something very special and Inchy B immediately wanted one.

“Oh please, Miss Itchy! Please may I have one?”

Itchy rose solemnly and looked over the horizon. She stared straight ahead and told Inchy B, “It’s Mt. Cellophane. You must go there, Inchy B. There are many colors from which Accessories may be made. But the journey will be hard, very hard.”

Megan (inchworm, coloring page,) 090.JPG

“I want to go,” replied Inchy B just as solemnly.

You were supposed to read Itchy and Inchy B’s last statements very solemnly. XD

This is so fun! 🙂 Did you enjoy it?! 😀 Itchy was supposed to be a guy first, but I decided she seemed more like a Miss. 🙂

Here is day two of the Quote Challenge! I LOVE THIS QUOTE! XD I guess it’s a quote.. anyway! I got it from the first nominee! You can see her blog by clicking on her name. 😉

“What if I fall?”

“Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”





Bye!! 😀



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