My First Printable!

Free, of course! 😉 I created a calendar for February. 😀

Click HERE to download and print it. 🙂


I hope to do more for other months, tell me what you think of it! 😀


I think I got three Whadoodles yesterday. Now. All in favor of a new sign off say, ‘Snidpop’ and all in favor of me keeping this sign-off, say ‘Ufdeedop’. 😀



115 thoughts on “My First Printable!

  1. I like the calendar! It’s really cool! Ufdeedop and ➡ Snidpop! I think BOTH! I don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❗ 💡 ❓ 🙂 😀 XD 😉 😛 🐻 ⭐ ➡


      1. Yup!
        P.S. Oh! I forgot! Whoops! DO you have something that you want to post about? Cause if you do, then go ahead, but if not, then I’ll come up with something to post about!


      2. Mmm…avoiding the question are we? Just kidding! Do you have something you were wanting to post about, because I could come up with something, if you don- wait! Why don’t we BOTH post, about the coloring contest! If you want?! Do you?


      3. That’s a good Idea, except, I’m reading a few posts right now, so you start and write your first part, and then I’ll write when you tell me you’re done! You can put ‘Megan:’ at the top if you want, and explain that we’re both writing that post! But If it’s alright with you, I’d like to announce the names of some of the teams….is that alright???


      4. Okay! I was thinking, Team Antelope, Team Fox, Team Wolf, and Team Mustang….is that what you were thinking????? If not, PLEASE tell me!


      5. I put the names of the teams on the post so that when you’re done on picmonkey, you can just put each team button on, you can put them beneath the names! I put all five, so you can take off the one that you don’t want!


      6. I don’t care! REALLY! I still came up with 3/4 of them!!!!!! That’s a lot! I would feel bad if you didn’t get to make up any! PLEASE do!!!!! PLEASE !I BEG OF YOU!!! Hehe! XD


      7. Ummm…Megan? I was thinking that we would like…each have two teams that we put the results of…or something…I don’t remember what we decided about that…do you????????????


      8. It was on the ‘To K.A’ page…I thought…but it couldn’t be in a different color, ya! Go ahead and just keep that one, it’s great! That’s fine! Just keep it, it looks better anyway!!!


      9. My team to judge…we were going to judge the opposite teams than what we where on…..right? I want to judge that one though…..if that’s alright!?!?????


      10. Okay! I’ll be looking forward to look at the finished thing when we get back!!! Go ahead and publish it, you don’t have to wait! I’ll put ONE more thing on though!


      11. AHHH!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Except,it’s kind of hard to read Team warbler, so YELLOW! But It will WORK!!!!! I LOVE team antelope! I LOVE ALL OF THEM! GREAT JOB! I wish I could give you a high five right now! XD 😉


      12. Hey there, Megan, we get to go get Gadget home from pasture!!!!! I have to go soon, but I have FULL trust that you can finish the post without me! You can change ANYTHING that I said! no hard feelings!!!!!!!


      13. Oh, and I was wondering, we DON’T have to, but would you want to make the things that say the team names EACH be a different color???


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